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Today, we went to try the new cafe/froyo that has opened in K-Town! I’m addicted to frozen yogurt and l’m planning to try all in town (i think 2 left :P). Anyways we headed to the place according to their map posted on their Website & it was easy to find, but we had problems with finding a good parking!
The place looks very neat and lovely! and the staff were very friendly 😉 I asked for the flavors they have and they told me they have a new one called BillBerry (don’t ask me what it is, but it’s smth berry) which was very delicious! I had the choice of 3 toppings! Husband ordered mocha which was very delicious. We enjoyed our time there & next time nshallah we’ll try their sandwiches.
My verdict: everything is perfect BUT the price of the coffee is exaggerated! The mocha was for KD 1.550. Now, we would pay that kind of money for Starbucks or Caribou but for a new cafe, it should be less than that, and the cup was small! They just need price fixing and also mug sizes.
Oh yeah, the price of the froyo was just perfect: KD 1.500 for the small cup 😉
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12 thoughts on “Pick-Daily Picks

  1. Ooooo looks tasty.

  2. Hameedosh

    Ooooo looks very tasty 😉

  3. I tried pick yo, very nice and light you can find it at kaifan co-op mall as well 😉 perfect parking ! and they have cafe’ bazza there as well 😉

  4. Hello,

    Thanks so much for your great review and post and sorry for the late reply. I’m so glad that you liked the place and participated in our soft opening period.

    Glad that you liked PICK YO and the coffee. We have received some comments regarding the coffee prices, and we have done adjustments accordingly.

    Please visit again and try some of our food items and get us more feedback as we really need it.

    Our official opening will be 1st of July. Opening from 8am till 11:30pm, delivering to the Kuwait City.

    Best Regards and many thanks,
    Partner and Director

    • Thank u Jassem for ur comment n thank u for considering the coffee prices! Will make sure to go n try ur sandwiches soon 🙂 good luck!

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