Massive Hair Loss :/

I feel like crying right now! I’m losing my hair in a very scary way :/ it never stops falling. It’s everywhere & I keep cleaning the living room, bed room, toilet & kitchen non stop. Even one of hair stylists noticed it & freaked out. She told me i should use egg yolk with olive oil & put it on my hair for 30 min once a week! I’m in the process of trying this new way but will it really work! I’m scared of becoming bald :/

Ever since i started dieting last November 2010 my hair started falling like crazy, I’m used to this because i know it’s due to the changes of food but now I’m eating normally, not much but i feel it’s normal! y3ni i’m not starving myself & still it won’t stop falling . . .

Help, if you have any solution or medicine or whatever, please let me know! My hair is the most precious thing in me :S

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44 thoughts on “Massive Hair Loss :/

  1. Tareq Esmail

    I think I have experienced this issue. I found out that taking a shower everyday keeps my hair from falling. In the past, I used to have a shower every now and then (not everyday). My hair clearly was falling a in a noticeable way. One time, I went to have a haircut and the hairstylist told me that my hair needs some attention. He just told me to go check it up, he did not tell me what do use or something like that.
    In short, all I know is that hair falls sometime and it is normal because you know, some cells die and you lose your hair. But when it’s very noticeable, I think you better ask someone experienced with hair issues. The woman who suggested you use that oil stuff, she could be right, she knows better. Meanwhile, if I were you, I would ask my parents, or you could try google.
    Ok I hope this helps even a little. I wrote too much!
    I wish you a healthy hair ;p

    • Hey Tareq, thnx for your comment! parents told me to check a specialist but i’m not in the mood to go to some clinic, would like to try old methods, if it doesnt help then i’ll go check some!

  2. ok, first things first u need to calm down, SERIOUSLY> stress is a common cause of hair loss.

    second, your answer is apparent in your dilemma Sis; u said u are dieting, hence u have unwittingly cut out an important source of nourishment for your follicles,

    read this:

    Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps to produce healthy sebum (oil) in the scalp. You get Vitamin A by consuming foods such as fish liver oil, milk, meat, cheese, eggs, cabbage, carrots, spinach, broccoli, apricots and peaches. The daily recommended dosage of Vitamin A is 5,000 IU.

    Vitamin C is another antioxidant that helps maintain healthy hair and skin. You get Vitamin C by consuming foods such as citrus fruits, kiwi, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes and dark green vegetables. The daily recommended dose is 60 mg.

    Vitamin E increases scalp circulation which is vital for hair growth. You get Vitamin E by eating foods such as wheat germ oil, soybeans, raw seeds ad nuts, dried beans and leafy green vegetables. The daily recommended dose is up to 400 IU.

    Biotin is thought to help produce keratin, the building block of hair and nails. It is also thought that is vitamin may prevent graying. You get Biotin from eating foods such as whole grains, egg yolks, liver, rice and milk. The daily recommended dose is 150-300 mcg.

    Vitamin B6 is thought to prevent hair loss and help create melanin, the pigment which gives hair its color. You get Vitamin B6 by eating foods such as liver, whole grain cereals, vegetables, organ meats and egg yolks. The daily recommended dose is 1.6 mg.

    Calcium is essential for healthy hair growth. You get Calcium by eating foods such as dairy, fish, nuts, lentils and sesame seeds. The daily recommended dose is up to 1,500 mg.

    Copper helps prevent hair loss and defects in hair color and structure. You get copper by eating foods such as shellfish, liver, green vegetables, eggs, chicken and beans. The daily recommended dost is up to 3 mg.

    Iodine helps regulate thyroid hormones. Thyroid disease is the number one cause of disease-related hair loss. You get Iodine from foods such as fish, seaweed, kelp, iodized salt and garlic. The recommended daily dose is 150 mcg.

    Manganese prevents hair from growing too slowly. You get Manganese from foods such as eggs, whole grain cereals, avocados, beans, nuts, meat and chicken. The daily recommended dose is 3 to 9 mg.

    Silica prevents hair loss by strengthening the hair. You get Silica from eating foods such as seafood, soybeans, rice and green vegetables. The daily recommended dose is 55 mcg.

    now the most important thing in the meantime is to RELAX, as stress further aggravates the situation.

  3. FYI go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for the hair and nails supplements; im not sure of the name, but its for hair and nails.

    start off with that.

  4. Shosho

    Hi try to use noriksine its available at sama7 pharmacy am sure it will helps

  5. I had the same issue as you did I started taking Hirvit course for 3 continous months ( pills available at boots), plus using sorcier hair tonic you can find it at Boots pharmacy I use it after everytime I use my hair all natural ingredients doesnt smell and not sticky and very healthy for the scalp I’ve been using it for two years now no planning to stop any time soon and theres no harm in stopping it after a while its all natural so unlike other chemical base ointments and tonics which causes hair to fall once you stop them, and 3 I use fast hair shampoo every 6 monthes as well as baby johnson shampoo if i’m washing my hair daily. Don’t worry its just your body responding to the poor diet even that your eating healthy now you still need to compensate with vitamins

    • aaahhhh thank u so much sweetness :** will check Boots tonight nshallah if possible πŸ˜€

  6. JeJe

    if u are takeing birth contorl pills this is a side effect , u need to take some pills / sprays / shampo /or mezo shots . to stop the loss .. good luck

  7. Hey, just like everybody else mentioned some supplements should do the trick and most probably it’s due to the dietary choices you’ve made.

    Scalp massage promotes circulation and therefore growth, I’m sure youTube has videos showing you how to do this properly. Avoid tying your hair too tight.

    If all fails, go to a Dr since it could also be hormonal problems (thyroid related, estrogen out of balance, etc.

    Nshallah you’ll have healthier hair in no time πŸ˜€

    Note to Mr. Swera: Pamper the girl EXTRA and keep her away from stress πŸ˜›

    • loooooool i loved ur note hehe πŸ˜›

      will follow your advice regarding the scalp massage n hope it will help among other things πŸ™‚

  8. It’s even worse for me, I could be sitting at the computer typing and I feel my hair dropping on my shoulder and arm they fall as if they are leaves on a tree :s

    • Juju that’s exactly my situation, i’d feel & see it fall infront of me, it’s really depressing 😦

      • Yup if you find out how to solve that tell me.. I’m guessing its from the change in the water or weather :s

      • probably & even food i guess!

  9. Tahani

    low iron causes hair loss, you can take iron tablets. ive had plenty of experience with iron deficiency im an expert πŸ˜›

  10. Habona

    Hi, swair check ur blood, am sure its iron defficiency,and dont rely only on natrual hair mask it won’t help much cuz u need internal supplement of vitamins and iron tablet

    • oh god, do i hv too? hhhmmm i’ll check if nothing works then i’ll go check my blood, thnx for the info dear :*

  11. My guess is you need vitamin supplements but go to the lab have your Serum Ferritin checked, if its low you might need concentrated iron pills. Iron defeciency is one of the main reasons for hair loss.

    My sister had the same problem her blood iron was ok, but the Ferritin (what stores the iron in the body) was VERY low that they had to hook her up on IVs and pump iron to her body on for a few days. Once it got back to the normal range the difference was obvious.

    Bs ekon a7san law et’hizeen 6olich witro7een i6abeeb itchaykeen, a quick check up wont kill you ;p

    aaaaand dont forget to pamper yourself, shakilha “yourself” em6angira minich o demanding attention ;p

    • waaaaaaaaayed 6eweeela, eb yenga9 ‘6ahry 3ala ma ahez 6oly πŸ˜›

      shakelha esalfa chayda coz ga3ed e6ee7 eb shakel mo 6abi3i :/

      i think i will gabel la agarre3 7asra 3alay :S

      i shall papmer myself ba3ad πŸ˜€

  12. Food is important and also hair products you use are important. My hair stylist suggest me to cut my hair shorter coz long hair also cause hair fall. I cut my hair shorter now and it looks fuller and less hair fall. I use tonic from Redken but I’m super lazy to apply it haha πŸ˜€ Also healthy scalp also important for lesser hair loss! Don’t freak out!

    • im gonna go cut it tonight nshallah n start using a healthier shampoo n let’s see what will happen πŸ™‚

      thanx for the advice :*

  13. S


    I went through the same thing as you! Except mine was during winter time…so I started using a shampoo from Lush it’s called rehab! It is just AMAZING!! The same week I saw all my baby hair growing back and it makes your hair grow very fast and it prevents hair loss! Wala if you try it I’m more then sure your gonna love it!!!

    I’ve got all of our family on it lol and everyone loves it!

    • y3niiii?! I love Lush alot, so i think i’m gonna try it & nshallah everything will be okay, thnx darling :*

  14. Two words
    Omega-3 Pills


  16. Moony

    A7san shy el seder mn el 7away with water and make spray of it put it in refregerator and use it every day even if u didnt wash your hair for 3 weeks u will notice that 70% decrase in hair loss. I tried it its wonderfull odoerless colorless

  17. Swera ~ This is such a common problem with all of the preservatives and diet foods on the market. If you add foods rich in protein and vitamins then that is a great start. Exercise at least 4 x’s per week to reduce stress. Take a good hair and vitamin supplement like Perfectil (local pharmacy). Use a gentle shampoo, brush and comb. Do not brush your hair too much.

    I had hair to my waist when I came to Kuwait but noticed the change in temperature attacked my hair’s appearance and texture. I have weekly conditioning treatments at the salon or in my flat. I also cut my hair to my bra strap which reduced the pull of having long hair.

    Don’t worry sweetheart, this will pass. Hugs, E&TC

    • Mwaaaaah :*

      I cut my hair, turned out my scalp cant handle ling hair :/ n now im using Lush rehab shampoo πŸ™‚

  18. Ya7eef

    Sorry 3la sha3rch bs awel shy lazm tge9ena thany shy althom wayd zeen ferky rAsch feh ra7 y7rg o re7ta 5aysa bss zeen aw etha tben nag3y althom bezet al5rw3 4 3 days o 7e6eh , thaleth shagla sawe t7lel dm shofy , o ekly akil mfed 7g alsha3r semach. Aw e5thy vitamins ro7y al9aydalya o ask golelhm tben 7bob lelsha3r . O wa5ry shwy 3n almaskat malot alsh3r o est5dmy shampo lelta9ag6 ! O goodluck

    • im married, magdar a5alli rayli eshem ree7at sha3ry thom :/

      i cut my hair & its getting better el7mdellah! will go check my vitamins coz i hv to take sm!

      thnx for the info love :*

  19. AbSa

    hello , i m facing the sameeeeeeeee problem , can you please let me know how have you coped with it
    thank you

    • im trying to fix it with herbs oils, vitamins & other things! it’s becoming better but still falling :/

  20. Shoug


    I just found your website by accident, thank god! I am facing the same problem and it’s killing me! Seeing all my hair fall out. Is your hair still falling out? Would like to know what helped you, thanks.

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