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Social Media Day-Bloggers Gathering

I was invited by His & Hers to attend the First Social Media Day in Kuwait! An event organized by them, Q8 Stig & Omarker. This day is celebrated world wide & this is the first gathering of bloggers to acknowledge this day.

It was very coyz and limited to some bloggers. No media was there nor sponsors & that’s how the organizers wanted it to be! It was supposed to start at 2pm but people as always get late therefore it was delayed til 2:40pm! But the wait was worth it because we enjoyed the talk of some bloggers!

The event is meant to gather bloggers from the country so we can socialize and get to know each others! I hardly pronounced my name revealing my name! I’m no longer anonymous to some bloggers 😛

Husband attended this event with me to show me his support (he knows about the blog ;)) but he got pissed off when it got delayed 😛 but anyways, we enjoyed the event & thanx to Laduree for their sweet gesture giving each individual a bag that contains a box of macaroons 😀

Thanx for His&Hers, Q8Stig & Omarker for this lovely event 🙂

Cute 😛

Omarker speaking

Take a look at Q8Stig 🙂

and finally His 🙂

The Three Musketeers 😀

Laduree bags

The box

yummmmm 😀

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June’s Top 100 Blogs in Kuwait-Alexa

Thanks to the lovely lady Danderma again for this lovely list (June\’s Top 100 Blogs In Kuwait According to Alexa) and her amazing effort to let us know about it.

My blog has moved 9 points up woohooo, i’m really happy for this progress 😀

Here’s the list:

1 Q8 Ping 164 Same Rank
2 Meenakon 186 Same Rank
3 il Sul6ana 193 Same Rank
4 248 AM 235 Up From 6
5 Abo Flan 243 Down From 4
6 Frankom 261 Down From 5
7 Ent Ya 341 New
8 Chraimba 349 Down From 7
9 Hi Kuwait 468 Down From 8
10 His & Hers 488 Same rank
11 Blog Laish 617 Up from 26
12 Danderma 631 Up from 16
13 Pink Girl 646 Down from 11
14 965 Malls 666 Down From 12
15 Banana Q8 675 Up from 17
16 Omarker 740 Down From 15
17 Hornett 743 Down From 13
18 360 Dewan 817 Up From 21
19 Kuwait Music 864 Down From 18
20 Kumail Plus 975 Down from 14
21 Ansam 518 999 Down from 19
22 Crowsy 1112 Down from 9
23 Cake o Bake 1327 Down from 20
24 P0ach 1460 Up from 25
25 Me Blogging 1701 Down from 22
26 Habbat Q8ya 1800 New
27 1917 New
28 1979 Up from 31
29 2018 Up from 38
30 2106 Down from 28
31 2107 Up from 41
32 2333 Down from 24
33 2354 Up from 37
34 2394 Same Rank
35 2396 Up from 52
36 2549 Up from 67
37 2637 Down from 29
38 2645 Up from 40
39 2654 Down from 27
40 Im Geek 2700 New
41 2820 Up from 71
42 2883 Up from 79
43 2895 Down from 33
44 2974 Up from 59
45 3007 Down from 32
46 3027 Up from 64
47 3095 Up from 66
48 3164 Down from 45
49 3194 Same Rank
50 3200 Up from 54
51 3253 Up from 53
52 3266 Up from 73
53 3310 Down from 42
54 3449 Up from 98
55 Buzberry 3461 Down from 44
56 Jebla 3506 New
57 Al-Zain 3635 Down from 36
58 Z District 3683 Down from 55
59 Babble Q8 3696 Down from 35
60 Q8 Black Market 3739 Down from 57
61 Lady B 3741 Down from 56
62 T7l6m 3782 Up from 100
63 Q8 Lens 3789 Up from 88
64 Blog 37 3828 Down from 50
65 Trendy Girl 3880 Down from 46
66 Social Slave 3885 New
67 Yousif 11 3995 New
68 Buzfairy 4009 Down from 39
69 Q8 Red Flag 4054 New
70 Bel Q8y El Fa9ee7 4118 Down from 60
71 Almost Blog 4155 Up from 85
72 Crazy Yet Wise 4177 Up from 81
73 Shit We Come Up With 4213 New
74 Na3emat Al Hams 4231 New
75 Beet Al-Zain 4233 New
76 Hamad Al-Hamad 4328 Down from 75
77 Up Till One 4373 Up from 90
78 18 Seven 4412 New
79 Aklat Bent Eldeera 4447 Down from 63
80 Khaleejesque 4491 Down from 61
81 Grape Vine Kuwait 4528 Down from 30
82 Q8 Rain 4539 Same Rank
83 Slashed Blog 4558 Up from 84
84 The Side Talk 4593 Down from 62
85 Zqrt Q8 4682 New
86 6umasha 4803 Down from 65
87 Couch Avenue 5036 Down from 80
88 Bint Al Kuwait 5160 Down from 58
89 Ladies Who Lunch in Q8 5209 New
90 Feryah 5379 Up from 92
91 New Q8 Bride 5391 Down from 78
92 Confashions 5545 Down from 47
93 Nezhawya 5572 New
94 Some Contrast 5752 Up from 99
95 Thouq Blog 5879 New
96 Designer W 6249 New
97 Why Not Q8 6380 Down from 51
98 Bint Al Shamiya 6427 Down from 69
99 Duqati 6634 New
100 7achy 6916 Down from 48
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Book Review: Rainwater

I can never ever ever express my addiction to this lady & her amazing way of writing. Her romance novels get through your heart and touch its weakest point where you feel agony & passion at the same time.

Ella Barron a single mom, running a business in her house trying to provide for her autistic kid. Mr. Rainwater comes along and turns her life up side down. Also the town’s people are affected by Mr. Rainwater.

Too bad it has a very sad ending but very realistic.

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Hardcover OR Paperback?

Which one do you prefer buying?! I like both, Hardcover for it’s shape and feeling, it makes you reading a real book but it’s too heavy to carry with you everyday! As for paperback, it can very light to carry wherever you go!

Hardcover or Paperback and why?!

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Book Review: Steve & Me

Believe it or not, I started reading this book this morning at work around 10 am. and finished reading it just now around 3:30 pm! This is a record for me, I’ve never finished a book in 5hrs & 30 minutes! I just couldn’t stop reading & the only break I had was only a couple of minutes when I had to go pray noon prayer.

We all know Steve Irwin (If you don’t then you’re now from our age)! We all lived watching his crazy adventures catching crocodiles & snakes, saving them from hunters & keeping them safe either ins his Zoo located in Australia and run by him and his American wife or send them smwhere safe.

We all felt very sad and upset by the news of his death when he was diving! and how it affected his family deeply. I got this book written by his wife Terri Irwin once it was published, probably back in 2007 or 2008 but I only managed to read it in 2011 (I just have so many books).

*sigh* It’s written with passion & love, you can feel Terri’s love for Steve from the way she’s talking about him & my eyes teared when I reached the last chapter talking about his death 😦 so sad!

If you remember Steve Irwin then you must read this book & what a great man he was. May you rest in peace.

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Cafe Bazza Review

Everybody made a big fuzz out of this restaurant that I was dying to visit and try their food as many have recommended but to my surprise it was an average restaurant and food was regular, nothing WOW about it! I wanted to enjoy eating their food so I picked the day I was fasting! Husband asked me where do you wanna eat Fu6oor & i told him Cafe Bazza!

The place & the decoration was lovely & also the music, but the seating was very annoying and uncomfortable! either the table was very high or the chairs were very low! The service was somehow slow, we had to ask for everything by ourselves! The staff wasn’t efficient even though the place wasn’t crowded.

The menu lacked some essential Kuwaiti food like Harees & Jereesh! & they didn’t serve ma3booch with our meals neither pickles (These should be complimentary). Husband wanted Meat Machbos but the waiter told us it’s not available (finished) and it was only 6pm! What will happen around 9pm?! Nothing will be served i guess.

Now, let’s talk about the food. We ordered Oriental salad which was a HUGE disappointment. It only contained: cucumber, tomato & babeer (dunno what’s that in English) and the portion was hardly enough for 1 person. 3ayzaneeen etzedoon el5ethra?! and it was worth KD 1.800, wonder for what y3ni!? The Musakhan Tanoor was very delicious & we loved it el7mdellah. Their Vimto was very refreshing & i enjoyed drinking it even though I’m not a vimto person but it was recommended by my lovely friend Marawie 🙂 The main courses came: Meat Biryani & Meat Rajan Joshi! The portion was also very little and our kidz in the family won’t feel full from such quantity! Seriously guys this is supposed to be a Kuwaiti restaurant not French or Italian! lesh el quantity like this! We like to see the plate full & I was fasting *sigh*! Oh yeah & the quality of the rice wasn’t that good (take a look at the last picture). But to be honest. The food was nice and cooked in a good way.

Wish they will do something about these things.

Not crowded at all

Refreshing Vimto

Oriental Salad :/

Musakhan Tannor

Rajan Joshi

Meat Biryani

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Book Review: Scarpetta

Finally, I’m done with this book *sigh*! I’ve been reading it for 3 weeks. Almost 500 pages, half of them are useless.

The story was good, a nice thriller and unpredictable but it was stretched far beyond imagination for no good reason. Wish it was shorter, many tiny details were added for nothing.

I’m not reading any book again for this author.

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Pick-Daily Picks

Today, we went to try the new cafe/froyo that has opened in K-Town! I’m addicted to frozen yogurt and l’m planning to try all in town (i think 2 left :P). Anyways we headed to the place according to their map posted on their Website & it was easy to find, but we had problems with finding a good parking!
The place looks very neat and lovely! and the staff were very friendly 😉 I asked for the flavors they have and they told me they have a new one called BillBerry (don’t ask me what it is, but it’s smth berry) which was very delicious! I had the choice of 3 toppings! Husband ordered mocha which was very delicious. We enjoyed our time there & next time nshallah we’ll try their sandwiches.
My verdict: everything is perfect BUT the price of the coffee is exaggerated! The mocha was for KD 1.550. Now, we would pay that kind of money for Starbucks or Caribou but for a new cafe, it should be less than that, and the cup was small! They just need price fixing and also mug sizes.
Oh yeah, the price of the froyo was just perfect: KD 1.500 for the small cup 😉
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New Sandals For Sale

Model “K5” for KD 30/-

Model “K6” For KD 25/-

Model “K7” For KD 30/-

New models have arrived along with the previous ones 🙂 call 99082292 for more details.

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A Day @ The Fish Market

My very lovely husband is teaching me how to be a good housewife & one of my tasks is to learn how to buy seafood from the Fish Market (as if I’m gonna go :P). I’ve never been there, it was always either Dad or bro who go and buy some stuff. The smell just kills me whenever I go to Sultan Centre (Sharq) & actually being there inside the market wasn’t pleasant at all.

In the parking, I got outside the car and covered my nose with my hijab (veil), he looked at me and laughed! but the horror movie started inside the market itself, blood on the floor with dirty water and omg the smell, i was breathing from my mouth the whole time :/

We bought shrimp (2 kilos) & calamary (2 kilos). I asked him to let them cut it and clean it coz I ain’t doing so. Thank god they had that service!

I’m never ever going there! no matter what :S

P.S. Hubs called Dad and asked him to come have lunch with us on Friday. He told him that I’ll be cooking seafood without telling me about it first! Poor baba, he might suffer because I’ve never actually cooked seafood before except for Fish Fillet in the over 😛

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What Happened To Q8TravelBud?!

Is Q8travelbud okay?! It’s been a while!

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Birthday Celebrations-Diana F+ Chrome

My sister got me this camera as a Birthday gift! Well, she didn’t know what to get me so I told her gimme the money, I wanna buy a camera 😛 It’s an analogue toy camera (ayam gabel, ta7mee’6)! I saw Shayouma get one (Another model) and I loved the packing! She asked me to check their website Lomograhy and I went crazy! OMG, it’s another world wallah, just go there n see for yourself! The effect of the pictures is just marvelous!

I’m gonna struggle in learning how to do double exposure (y3ni ekon fahma) n how to get it done the right way but this lovely lady called Nada is more than willing to help me out! So nshallah I’ll be an expert 😀

Look how stylish it is 😀

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