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How Many Perfumes Do You Have?

It’s been a long time since all bloggers have done smth fun together & while I was cleaning my hairdresser for the first time ever in my whole glorious productive life πŸ˜€ I’ve discovered that i have so many perfumes that sometimes I forget to use 4 or 5 of them! So I thought of posting about it to see if my quantity is normal or beyond that! Do I have too many perfumes?! they’re only 14 πŸ˜›

If you have the time, take a photo of your perfumes & tell us how many do you have πŸ˜€

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Good Morning Milanistas :D

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Choco Cafe-Missoni Hotel

Ever since I’ve read onΒ TheBoudoir‘s blog that the hotel has opened, I went to try their cafe with hubby & we became addicted to it! Their Lava cake, their coffee, their tea (all kinds) & the atmosphere are just amazing, not to mention the decoration! I’ll leave u with sm pix πŸ˜€

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Living With A Male RoomMate (1)

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It’s been almost 2 months since I got married but 1 month exactly since I moved Β to my new life, my new apartment, my new home. I thought it will be fun & exciting to have your own house, your own cozy corner, your own kitchen (I hate it) and take care of everything! It was fun at first, let’s say the 1st 10 days, not more than that! After that, things started to change, or let’s just say, marriage life started to be marriage life! That doesn’t mean all the fun is gone, not at all! But it became somehow like … hhhmmm can’t say it in words! but I’ll say it through situations i lived πŸ™‚

Now, the 1st thing that shocked me was husband not approving on the way I dress 😦 I told him “you saw me, you saw the way i dressed, all these clothes you don’t like, i went out with you wearing them when we just got married (malcheen)” & his answer was “I didn’t want to annoy you at that time” I’m like O_o & he made me change my clothes twice! His solution was “Why don’t u wear Abaya?” haaaaaaaaaaaa? This is new, hala wallah! I almost fainted when he suggested that! but i said no coz this was not on the list of things he asked for! & i made it clear i don’t wear abaya & WON’T! maybe I’ll end up wearing it someday but not now :/ I won’t mind changing my clothes but i WILL NOT WEAR ABAYA, not now! maybe when I’m 40 I guess πŸ˜›

Cooking is one of the things i HATE the most & hubby wants me to start learning! I didn’t say no, i was very happy to cook for him as long as he washed the dishes (he’s the one who wants to eat :P) I wasn’t born to be in the kitchen, the place irritates me! but I managed to enjoy my time in it while cooking, the only thing that makes me nervous is that i have to clean after myself, no one clean after me! now you say get a maid, i say BIG NO! Maid is not needed now, I’m capable of doing everything, why get a maid? I can manage things by myself (mashallah 3alay, habbat reee7).

Oneday husband tried cooking for me because I was at work n he was home. I felt so happy for his gesture πŸ˜€ i came back home, changed my clothes & ate the lunch he made! It was very delicious, i ate everything in the plate! but when i went to the kitchen, i almost had a heart attack from what I saw :S i was speechless! I asked him “what have you done?”, he said “god be with you, allah y3eenech” & he left to run some errands! I wanted to kill him with my own hands! The oil was everywhere, on the cooker, on the floor, on the wall *cries* not to mention all the dishes i had to clean! I swear I spent 2 hrs cleaning that day & when he came back home i told him “DO NOT COOK AGAIN”!

When he showers, he throws the towel on the bed …. aaaaahhhhhh I want to scream! When he shaves his hair is on the floor & everywhere, when he smokes the cigarette is inside the trash but it makes a bad smell! I iron his cloth whenever he wants to go out (not all the time) i hang his clothes when he comes back, i make him tea to relax etc etc etc!

Watching News channels all the time . .. WHY god WHYYYYYYY? I hate news, it makes me sick & it’s the only thing he watches! Last time i had it & asked him to change the channel! I don’t need blood & killing at the end of the night! I need to relax after finishing all the house chores!

I though I’m lazy, I am actually lazy! I haven’t done these things in my life! Like almost never! I thought I’d fail but i surprised myself & others too! My sister is one of them! When she came to visit me last week she complimented me by saying: “hhhmmm your apartment is clean, nice” like what the hell sister what did you expect, roaches roaming around with dust everywhere mathalan?! I would never live in such environment therefore i was forced to be a good housewife & do whatever is needed to be done πŸ˜€ I’m proud of myself πŸ˜‰

This is exactly how I look when cleaning or cooking πŸ˜›

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Book Review: ME-Ricky Martin

I know this book has been on my blog for ages but it’s because I couldn’t read one page! and when i had the time, i couldn’t let it down, i finished it in 2 days.

It was written by Ricky Martin talking about his life, how he started, how it affected his life & how he made peace with his sexuality being gay & admitting it to the world!

This book might be helpful for gays who are struggling in their loves (I DO NOT SUPPORT NOR BELIEVE IN SMTH CALLED “GAY”) but for it was more like entertainment, curiosity … in Kuwaiti = legafa πŸ˜€

The way the book was written makes you feel very relaxed, i can’t explain it but somehow you hear Ricky’s soft soothing voice while reading the book … if you’re a celebrity lover (like me) then this book will be a fun read πŸ™‚

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