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I remember Miss Afrah Alhashim  contacting me on the 10th or 11th of February 2011 asking me to answer some questions for an article she’ll be writing in Adam&Eve magazine which is about Kuwaiti girls being single & some of them are being tagged as spinsters if they’re above the age of 25 and still not married!

That interview took place 3 days before meeting Mr. Right! not knowing that i’ll be meeting anyone anytime soon, i just got back from Singapore & i was enjoying my break at home. Guess you never know when THAT right man comes knocking on your door 🙂

Great writing skills Afrah 🙂

March Issue

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19 thoughts on “Swera On Adam&Eve

  1. Hameedosh

    Must knock on a door soon.. Must knock on a door soon.. Wish me luck 😀

  2. I remember this advice I got from my male cousins when I complained to him how I’m being pressured for not being married, and I tell this advice to all I care about.
    “Why worry? Ignore those ppl who are pressuring you and enjoy your life to the fullest!” he said, “When your na9eeb will come, nothing will stand in its way.”
    I did follow his advice, stopped worrying and ignoring the comments, and lived my life and somehow I feel I didn’t live enough as a single woman. A year later Bu3azoz came into my life and nothing stood in his way ;p

    • aaahhh same thing happened to me wallah, when i started ignoring those people & enjoying my life believing that the right time will come, Mr. M envaded my life 4months later 😛

  3. I would say enjoy single life because I’m sure you’d miss it given that I see everyone around me not as happy as they were after being married just for the fear of being a spinster and not because of genuine love.

    Btw Swera I think you speak more than three languages no? Since Arabic & English were skipped out.

    • yes enjoy ur single life n dont u ever care about what people tell you, marriage will come to you while you’re sitting in your house drinking coffee 😛

      yeah i guess, didn’;t notice that lol 😀

  4. true kuwaiti men are better for friends than husband and lover but half kuwaiti and other half is awesome to be with on everything:Pp

  5. 79ai9

    if only family and society would mind their own business chan bin koon ib alf khair! honestly, if they didn’t marry us off mentally when we were about 2 or 3 years old (mathalan 3bdulla yakheth mariam o nasser yakheth muneera and so on) chan that would solve half of our problems! let us grow and mature in our own ways and free will lat7inoon maneh nag9een negativity :p God i wish i was this strong ten years ago chan chirakhta bil bouquet 3ala raasa and ran off hehehe SINGLEDOM i MISS it! oh and moms quit the mu7athara “yom ana fi sinech chood i had you and your 2 other sisters o kint 7amil” eeekhhh get a life!

    • hahahha 79aaai9 shaklech feech wayed te7el6em 😛

      • 79ai9

        eee sikty khaleeha 3ala Allah bas LOL mashallah u pick up really fast 😉 hehehe tara Disney ili kharebaw 3alaina mat khale9 ilqe9a ila 3ala “they lived happily ever after” ga6 chifty an in-law in their cartoons? kilihum dead or don’t even exist hehehe now that part laita 9ij LOL swera mewathee3ech shay i could go on forever :p

      • hehe 7abeebty e5thay ra7tech :*

  6. that is just amazing.. sub7an allah.
    very well written article.
    best of luck to all the fabulous single ladies out there ;*

  7. LOOL.. You should email her and tell her to interview every signle woman in kuwait and 3 days later BAAAAM Mr.Right will coming knocking on thier doors =p loool

  8. Awesome article I just finished reading it because I’m a lazy bum! 😛

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