Book Review: Priceless

To be honest, I don’t know why I picked this book when I had the feeling that it will be boringly cheesy :/ n I don’t know how Nicole Richie became a writer!!!!!
The story is very very very boring, nothing new or creative in its plot or climax. Characters are shallow and meaningless. Very predictable, as I said nothing new in the story!
I don’t recommend this book at all though it will be a good read for teenagers between the age of 14 n 18!
My advice to Nicole; please spend your time in smth good which is spending ur daddy’s money or husband or whoever, just don’t write novels n let us spend our money on such books out of curiosity

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10 thoughts on “Book Review: Priceless

  1. You know why I like to go to Borders whenever I travel because they have arm chairs and sofas everywhere where you can comfortably sit and go through the books you picked up 😉
    I didn’t Nicole Richie has become a writer when I read about it somewhere on Amazon I assumed it was someone else with the same name 😉

    • Um3azoz i got it from Borders Singapore bs i couldnt sit down n test a chapter or 2 from the book coz dad n sis hate bookstores, im the the only books freak in the family 😛

      Its def her, epic fail :/

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  4. loool yalaah t9eer waayed halsalfa , for me i never read books written by celebrities , i don`t know why 😛

  5. LOOOL 😀 I think its boring coz it was written by fake people 😀

  6. loool.. its all your falut.. you and your obssesive celebrati love / addiction!!

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