Swera Is A Scuba Diver

Finally, I have received my Scuba Diving License 😀 Remember Tioman Island ? The reason we went there is because hubby wanted me to learn how to dive & get the license so I can dive with him later on . . . Cool ha?! NOT TRUE! Wait til you read about the horror I’ve experienced :/

Before getting married, we were getting acquainted over the phone & deciding where should we go for our honeymoon & what to do there! He told me that he wants me to learn how to dive & get the license as I said so that we can dive everywhere whenever we want to! His idea of traveling & relaxing is DIVING! I was so happy & excited, yay new experience & all, stupid me 😛

P.S. Husband has Advanced Open Water License, he can dive up to 40 mtrs & he did! Can’t believe how he did it :/

We reached Tioman Island, went to Swiss Cottage Village & looked for Tioman Diving Centre, he wanted ladies to teach me, lucky me all of them were sweet British ladies! my instructor was 25 yrs old & she’s a dive master (Rosie I miss you) She’s amazing & so friendly 🙂

There were 2 Dutch couples with me! They were very sweet & kind! Kristel & Mike! Kristel was good in comprehending everything & practicing it under water but Mark was OMG! he kicked me under water so many times! Til Rosie told him to focus & swim with his partner, away from me 😛

The kit is really very VERY heavy! When I was moving the cylinder & weight belt, i looked like an old lady, walking with her back bended to the front! Storm was coming that day so the sea was a lil bit mad! Getting in the water is easy but hey wait til you start wearing your fins (i hate that part)! & start swimming on your back using your fins (so difficult wallah)!

I start deflating my BC & then the horror starts . . . even though the regulator was in my mouth, i was breathing & my BC is on me, i thought i was gonna suffocate & die! As i was descending to the bottom of the sea, i was thinking “I’m getting out of this water & I’m gonna tell him i dont want to continue this course, that’s it! I just don’t want to”! Rosie & Rhon (American Diver-Helping in the course) made us relaxed & comfortable under water, which took around 20 minutes I guess 😛 Then everything started to look beautiful & amazing 😀

My 1st open water dive was 10.7 mtrs in Ringgis Island! It was a boat dive which I had to throw myself in the water from boat! I made a scene in the boat, told them I wont do it,I’m not throwing myself from the back not knowing what’s down there! Rosie explained that I’ll be floating coz I have my BC on LOL (stupid me)! I finally did it & it was a piece of cake!When we started descending, It was mind blowing, I didnt want to go up! I saw so many kinds of fish & corals! It was like another world! I’m so happy that I continued this course & got the license, because there’s nothing like the life under water! So many cute little nemos were there . . .

My 2nd Open Water Dive, was 6 mtrs because a storm was going to hit again so we didn’t want to go far! In this dive i saw the scariest fish of all time, it was called Buffer Fish! I was going to faint because it came straight to my face! Thank god Rosie & Rhon were there hehe, it turned out to be a friendly fish & not harmful at all, but she’s so damn ugly!

Anyways, the whole experience was magnificent! I enjoyed to the max! It’s some how an achievement, & can’t wait til I go diving again! which will be soon nshallah! If you’re thinking about it getting the license, go get it! Just the 1st part will be scary but then it will be so beautiful & fun 😀

Rosie & I

My enemy, Buffer Fish

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44 thoughts on “Swera Is A Scuba Diver

  1. Hameedosh

    Haha NICE, i once tried to get one for me but i only went for the first session, it was nice tho 😉

    • you should go n complete it, wallah it’s fun 😀

      • Hameedosh

        Oh and btw i thought i thought ur face was heart shaped not round! Did marriage do that to you? 😛

      • LOOL yup, it changed after marriage 😛

  2. And that would be my new thing for this summer 🙂

  3. That’s cool although I would never do it! I don’t know how to swim hehe 😛 And I would just be too scared 😛

  4. Welcome to the divers club, you should get the open water license so we could dive one day together 😉

    • yeeeey good to know that i hv a dive-blogger-mate 🙂

      why not, we will nshallah in Oman 😀

  5. that’s crazy i love it

  6. الف مبروك .. يابختج تقدرين تغوصين الحين في ام المرادم وقاروه لوول

  7. The scenery is beautiful! That’s why B always persuade me to go there but I always refuse coz I’m afraid of the Sun LOL 😛 Oh yea, the fish look so cute!

    • wallah you should try it, from my point of view it’s worth everything! i got tanned without using anything :p

      • Yes I will, maybe end of this year hehe :D! Or else I will suffer severe “ears-ache” from B’s nagging! How much you pay for the diving course?

      • lol, actually it differs from place to place! In kuwait here it’s somehow expensive! i took the course in my honeymoon when i was in Malaysia which was around KD80 that’s like USD 280 or less 🙂

      • Not bad plus you got a license for life! Will check it out then 🙂

      • yup & u get to dive where ever u want 😀

  8. Waaay to go swera! 😀

    Yalla 3almeeeeni now that ur an expert! ;p

    Taking scuba diving lessons is on my list. was gonna do that last summer but didnt have the time, inshala this summer I will 😀

  9. Wanasaaaaa ! Lucky you! Im glad you had fun!

  10. Inzen chan kaletay lismicha

  11. wanasa! wallah inich gada3a:** 3alaikum bil3afyaaa..im such a chicken when it comes to the sea:P

  12. sweeeraaa!
    its been so long!
    first mabrook ur marriage!

    i always wanted to get my diving license, but i have a HUGE problem with swimming in pools.

    • i knowwww 🙂

      allah ybarek feech darling :*

      i didn’t swim in the pool, training was in confined open water & then deep open water diving 😀

  13. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Wanaaaasaaaaaaaaaaa mabroooooook!!;*** ekhwani 3indhum!;( i want toooooo!;(

  14. hmm that fish doesnt look friendly at all..

    i dont know how to swim but i would love to know how to dive.. does that make sense????

    • nop it doesnt make sense at all! how r u supposed to dive when u dont know how to swim ya sha6ra 😛

  15. Congratulations Swera 😀 ,, i got my diving license (open Water) 4 years ago .. it was sooo awesome .. when training i had alot of problems when breathing but i got used to it later .. they were teaching me sign on how to use em underwater .. and then do some exams .. all training was in the pool .. at final week they took us to (g63at bnaya) its a place where i used to go fishing and i still go there .. i was scared at first cuz 10 years ago it was known to have alot of sharks (Huge ones) .. but then they made me dive in there .. i was (SHIIITTT) 6ab3an tishahadt gabla la a’3oo9 cuz kina in9eed feeh (bowaleel 50 cm’s long – Chan3ad and sikin about more than 1 meter long) not to mention (dwailmy’s they attack every reflecting thing that they see in their sight) mostly ur diving wear .. soo i was freaked out at first , because it was my first time .. sea is my life … but this was a new thing , when i got down (il ba7ar kan m’3abbir) bas it was okay .. started training underwater .. i took the lead but made them lost xD ,, but we met a Huge (hamoor) luckily it was a bit far from us .. but ohh well ..over all it was a really life time experience .. now when i finish finals i wanna get the advance license to dive more than 18 meters .. try to practice more on diving its really fun .. there are some places that take woman to dive .. and try diving in (om il maradem and garoooh) u get to meet lots of nemoes and colorful fish there .. just enjoy it 😀

    • I was trainig to get the Open Water but because we didnt hv time on the island i only had 2 dives thats why i got the Scuba Diver one!

      my training was in confined water but the sea was crazy due to an upcoming storm! but we managed to get through it el7mdellah 🙂

      to be honest diving in our sea is not fun! y3ni it’s a waste of money! it should be on a tropical island or an exotic place so u can see lovely corals and new unique fish 😀

      • u could always buy ur own stuff .. refill the oxygen cylinders and go have fun in (garooh and om il maradim) best places to dive in kuwait .. most people in kuwait go to sharm il shai5 .. so ya i agree with you , i would really love to dive somewhere exotic and tropical and see something i never saw before .. and i even was gunna dive with sharks in the scientific center but it isnt worth it .. its like 30 kd for half and hour :S

      • that’s too expensive :/

        in Malaysia we dived for KD10, i dont know why it’s too expensive in here mala da3y :S

  16. Mesh

    Congrats for you and i really wish you guys a nice diving live its so cool mashallah tow coupels get the same hoppy :). I would suggest you guys take a Nitrox course diving and try indoniesa for both relaxing and Diving. Keep going and bb. 

    P.s : I dove in many places around the world and Kuwait is not the worse TBH Erifejan is the best for me I say I just love the place and visibility is not ( Sharm al shaikh ) but can be acceptable sometimes 😉

    And the normal cylinder contains only 21% oxygen Crowsy other wise deeper than 6 meter you are dead 😉

    • Thank u very much! My instructor recommended Indonesia so we r planning to dive there along with Thailand nshallah 🙂

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