Daily Archives: March 23, 2011

No More Vegetarian

I have lost it . . . I blame my husband for me losing control and getting back to eating meat! Ever since I became Vegetarian (including fish) I have lost 14KGs since last November 2010 & yesterday I’ve ruined everything by eating BBQ Ribs . . . Yes I ate a lil bit from my husband’s dish!

I didn’t want to, I ordered Salmon with Steamed rice but he kept nagging on me & I just couldn’t say no :/ So I guess I’m back to eating meat but I won’t let myself lose it unless I have to! and to tell you the truth, it felt good eating those BBQ Ribs *yum*

P.S. It kinda felt weird writing this post and talking about my “husband” . . . so cheesy 😛

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