Romantic Man . . .

For Ladies Only . . . But Men Feel Free To Comment 😀

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34 thoughts on “Romantic Man . . .

  1. if he’s my boyfriend usually scars me but if he’s my husband Fascinate me akeeed

  2. Hmm… Scares me coz we’re not used to it! LOL ;P I don’t know…. It’s flattering when it’s out of the blue! ;p Am I making sense here?! *e7im* i’ll just shut up and vote ;p

  3. What about gay men? LOL not that i’m gay but i’m just saying, they should get to vote :p

  4. Fe romantic 3an romantic yafrig fe il scary o fe il 7ilo o il9aar7a don’t know what to vote for:D but i think il choose the romantic cuz it’s rare:D

  5. Wala shay 3ajebtkom, so let’s just be friends. 😐

  6. 79ai9

    ma9adig i wasn’t gonna comment and just voted off quietly but i’ll say it-it scares me BIG TIME! one question though? do u think we feel that min na7yat “trust issues” or just cz we rn’t used to seeing guys being romantic and going out of their way???

    • i think it’s just because we’re not used to it! khaliji men r not that romantic! so when we meet one we get scared! 🙂

  7. 79ai9

    la wallah ya swera feeh bas for the sake of “society” they put on that “khaleeji” persona bas fisifar they’re some1 else.. they talk-open up-even open the doors for u sewa2en bab ilsayara or anywhere hehe they just get “normal” bas awal mayrej3oon it’s “switch off” time..this is what facinates me actually the split personality :s

  8. Wallah ma3endokum salfaa !!!
    Scared !!!! Weh yaa 7alat elromanciya ;p
    Come on ladies why do u feel scared ???

    • see, khaleeji man when he is romantic it kinda scares me! coz i guess we’re not used to them being like that u know! bs methel mageltay ya 7elo eromanseya 😀

  9. ambe the results are too close !!

  10. hameedosh

    Wohoo.. go “Fascinate You!” go 😀

  11. I have always fancied romantic men..!! They really can sweep you off your feet, if you allow them to.

  12. Mmm, interesting poll 🙂

    Why do some get scared is what I can’t figure out though 😛

    P.S: how would u vote ‘wifey’? 😛

  13. fajerioz

    to be honest THEY SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME *excuse my french*!! they used to fascinate me but not anymore..

  14. Romantic men are keepers if it’s truly from their heart and not from their pants! 😉

  15. why are u ladies making such a fuss over romantic men?

    im a romantic man, and i dont think im in short supply!

  16. like there are many romantic men out there, we’re not an extinct or endangered species 😛

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