Social Networks Block Campaign

What makes time pass by at work?! what . . . WHAAAAAT?! Social Networks ofcourse! I check my tumblr, facebook, twitter and reader while I’m sipping my coffee once I reach the office! Thank god for those networks or else our souls would hv been tortured, specially for those who work in Private Fucking Sectors!

I arrive to work, do my normal checking thing, get dragged to crappy meeting, get back, check for updates  . . . BAAAAMMM:


Twitter: BLOCKED


Serrrrrrrriousllyyyyy?! Are they kidding me? Not one, Not 2, but all of my fav social networks that keep me company for 8:30hrs! *pulls hair* I feel like smacking that IT guy who did the blocking thing! Don’t care if it wasn’t in his hands, his hands did the dirty deed! I’m in agony right now 😦

Stupid IT People . . . Haven’t they heard of Mobile Internet? iPhone has everything 😀 and I also hv BBm 😉 but ofcourse it’s not like the pc Screen!!!

Oh yeah and early morning, I received a warning email from HR for arriving late and leaving early for the past couple of weeks! OMG I’m shaking . . . Warning My Ass! Only certain people received such email . . . so the hell with you HR! *wink*

P.S. SomeOne is trying to ruin my last week at work!

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28 thoughts on “Social Networks Block Campaign

  1. Get an iPad Sara, That’s what I did 🙂

  2. You’re so funny! The post really made me laugh. 🙂

  3. LOOL! Swera fa9la elyoam! ;p Inshallah nobody ruins ur last wk of work, take the best of it 😉

    Have a great wk 😀

  4. ipad is must for ur situation 😀

  5. SoCoMoCo a proxy that would help you 😛 try it

  6. Hameedosh

    Isfo5s wallah welcome to the club 😛

    • hahahaha u still remember that word 😀 ee wallah! i swear when that happened i remembered u! IT’S TORTURE WALLAH :S

      • Hameedosh

        LOL yeah its my favorite complaint word now 😛 and yeah it is a pain in the butt

      • Glad I left smth for other people 2 use hehe 😛

  7. ohh its nice to know that finally my complain to your IT ppl has been taken up and they blocked your ass out of these mind damaging stuff…

    Good for you.. Now you get to do some work..

    oh oh do you hear that,,

    Its my facebook and twitter calling me DURING WORK loooool

    • gimme just 3days woman n i’ll make ur life HELL!!!

      oh yeah i dedicate this song for you:

      “honest to god i will break your heart, tear you to pieces, rip you apart”

      Guess who sings it?!!!! (6)

      • o.0 how did you get to be so evil????

        BRING IT ON!!

        What doesnt break you makes you stronger =D

      • you’re my so fake called friend! i can be evil as much as i like (6)

  8. DG

    I missed your posts!! Insha’allah you get to have happy happy times!

  9. Summer

    there are sites were you can enter the site even when its blocked!

  10. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL iPhone ni3maaaaaaaaa!!:P

  11. tarra-lech wa7sha! o mo 3ethr ina blocked!

    • ambeeeh Dakdookty wallah thak elyom ga3da athakar who r on twitter! coz i opened my own personal acc 🙂 will follow u right away! miss u :*

  12. lol poor girl!

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