That’s Me ^_^


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38 thoughts on “That’s Me ^_^

    ha ha ha ha ha ha


    highlight of my day i swear loool

    thankx for making me smile loool

  2. LOL!! I followed u on Twitter! :p

  3. Hana

    That is me too I think that is all the girls around the world too looooooooooooooooooooooolo 😉

    • La believe me only those who live in the Arabian Peninsula HAHA! others hv the pleasure of meeting such ordinary men who r hotter than celebs hehe 😛

  4. lol it better not be John Travolta, just read an article about him being totally gay.

  5. Sarah

    hahaha this is too cute!

  6. Nofers

    Heheh… Nice one!

  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL thats all of us hun:P

  8. Sarah

    lol you ofcourse 😉

  9. Hilarious!

  10. 3.D3aijany

    Jared Leto !!
    Ishalla may7e6 ke7el chethy ALLAH ehadaa ;p

  11. LooooooooL niiiice one swera! ;p

  12. Thanks for the laugh. I hope you two have some great times–in your mind and all.

  13. looooooooooooooool

  14. Edge

    Honey I’m home!!! :-p

    hmm, does your hubby know you are dating someone else, even if it was mentally?

    *gets jealous and kills Jared Leto* :p



      You left me alone for like what, more than 2 months n now u come n kill my JARED?@ how dare u 😉

      where hv u been hiding?!

      • Edge

        Here and there, sneaking up on you, getting updates from the P.I I hired to tail you all day ;p

        I was never gone, I was just silent 😉

      • u’re one hell of a weirdo husband LOL 😛

        don’t be silent for that long! let me hear ur voice every now n then 😉

  15. LOOOOL 7adaa 7adaaa intaaay 9ara7aaa , it fits u perfectly 😛

  16. LOL!! That is you XD

    But hey, who’s the celebrity you’re dating? ;P

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