“You Drive Like A Man”

That’s the best compliment I’ve ever heard! hehehe they think they will break me or hurt my feelings when they tell me that?! Well, guess what?! that just boosted my self-esteem higher than ever!

The story goes is I literary drive like guys, I’m always speeding, can’t get myself to slow down, hugging the car infront of me to force them to speed up if they’re not driving that fast and slowing me down, flashing my lights to cars who are literary driving like turtles (I wonder who gave them the license)! i’m always beeping the horn and smtimes I switch from lane to lane just for the sake of the rush it gives me 🙂 I feel alive when I drive alone, coz i get to be myself, but when one of my friends or family are with me, I feel like a dead cow driving (literary), coz i feel tied and I cant do anything without being screamed/yelled at! and they irritate me alot!

When dad is with me, I just want to go with my sister and let her drive but unfortunately, he doesnt want anyone but me :/ <– doomed! and when i forgot that I’m trying hard to control myself and just do one of my moves he starts screaming at me “entaaay bnaya, ween 2onoth’tech? tsoogen methel ereyayeel, sogay 3adel” (translation: dad is telling me that i drive like men and there’s no femininity in that)! Seriously, who needs femininity while driving? I don’t wanna drive like a sissy! even my aunts, they always say I drive like a man! That’s even than men saying “you look beautiful today” LOL 😛

I’ve learned how to drive when I was 15 yrs old, dad taught me and now I’m in complete control over my driving skills, and I dont drive like other girls do! God, I just wanna throw a bomb over them and clean the streets from their stupidity (sowwy) 😀 and I always love racing in the streets. It gives you this adrenaline rush that pumps the blood in your veins faster than usual and you feel ALIVE & in ACTION! I remember i’ve raced  my friends in the streets and I won a couple of times and I also raced a couple of guys and it felt so good beating a guy! Now dont get thing wrong idea about me, it’s not that I looked at the guy and signaled smth , never did and never will! But you know when you’re driving fast, then the next car drives faster and gives you the impression it’s doing the same thing?! Well, that was exactly the same situation with me and i loved it 😀

Btw, I’ve always had this feeling that I’d either die of a car accident or diseased! Have you ever had this feeling of how you’re gonna die!?

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12 thoughts on ““You Drive Like A Man”

  1. Hey Swero easy with the driving :p naughty naughty

  2. LoooL your dad rocks 😛
    And Femininity! is that a word!

    And yes, I always think that I’ll die in an accident. since I have 2 cars.. one for work, which I drive 180 everyday!! even if am early!

    and the one I love.. the Babe.. The weekend car
    and if I go to work in it! I do 280 km/h 🙂

    what’s your top speed Sara !

    • My dad gets on my nervous while driving 😛

      aaahhh u hv 2?! lucky u 😉

      hhmm well daily bases 160 bu the fastes I weny was 170 then i slowed down to 150 coz i felt a lil bit scared 😀 but it’s fun right?!

      and yeah what does femininity mean?! it aint in my dictionary while driving!!

  3. weeh smillah 3alech min il car accidents !!!
    3ad ana kela atmana iny amoot wana sajda or wana akon mi3tamra o 7ajaa 😀

  4. Yoosha

    That reminded me of a song by Avril Lavigne, when she say (Sometimes I drive so fast, just to feel the danger, I wanna scream, it makes me feel alive.)

  5. I find it an insult when my little brother goes by saying: ufff 9j iswagat 7areem! lol so yeah I too find it a compliment when said that u drive like a guy! lool ;p Take care though mu mn zeen sha7a6at’hum blshar3 ;p

    • looooool ee wallah 9ij kalamech! a7es chenna a7ad lakni kaf lama ygolon swagat 7reem! good thing ana swagat shabab 😛

      will do :*

  6. Enigma

    swera, swera, swera.. please stop being stupid and keep within the speed limit. Stop endangering other people’s lives because you want an adrenalin thrill.

    And 170? u sissy. i thought u were gonna say (at least) 200.


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