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Knee Joint Injections & Aspirations

Yup that’s the medical term of the small surgery that dad had this morning! I don’t know if it’s even a surgery but hell it was painful for dad! We tried our luck in Alsalam hospital and they were extra nice and friendly! We were the first in the clinic and it was only 5 min til dad was in the Doctor’s room! and it was only 10 min til they got all the water out of my dad’d knee! I took some pictures while the doctor was working on dad’s knee 😛

So let me educate you and myself too about this procedure! e7em 😛 it’s called Knee Joint Injections & Aspirations! That’s all I can say, the rest is copied from a website 😉

“Knee joint aspiration and injection are performed to establish a diagnosis, relieve discomfort, drain off infected fluid, or instill medication. Because prompt treatment of a joint infection can preserve the joint integrity, any unexplained monarthritis should be considered for arthrocentesis”

As much as he’s used to it, I really felt sad and upset to see dad through that pain even if it was for a short period of time! But he had to do it coz that knee was causing fever, sweating and sleepless nights! Now he’s feeling better el7mdellah 🙂

Look at his knee how huge it is :/ wa7alat 3a9ageela wallah :*

Now this is how they inject his knee and get all the fluid out!

Now his knee is almost back to normal 🙂 ‘3aba mo reel 😛

Hot figure right?! 😉

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