FaceBook Dilemma

I’ve been on Facebook since 2006, i’ve met great awesome friends through that social network and met the creepy ones too but hey it’s all in the life experience category, I also found my highscool and uni friends which was awesome! But, in 2010 I got bored, and maybe coz I had other options like Blog & Twitter which were more fun than FB! I deactivated my account for almost a month, and it was a relief, I didnt miss it at all and I’m known to be an addict to it, but I lost interest! My best friends kept nagging on my head to re-activated, and eventually I did!

The problem comes now, there’s this highschool friend who is known to be creepy and weird with a very complicated personality! To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of her and used to keep my distance from her! Even one time, a friend of mine brought her name up and I said it out loud that she’s weird :/ guess what? That friend is now her best friend! You know how things works in highschool, one day you’re just mates, later in life you turn out to be besties! That friend of mine was shocked from what I said (remind me to shut my mouth next time) and replied saying “why, she’s a good girl” hhmmm, i didnt say she isn’t! she’s just weir and has this complicated persona that I really can’t explain! You know the one which you don’t feel comfortable talking too, that’s her!

That creepy weird friend exists on FB and she’s friends with that friend of mine (of course)! I saw her name over and over again but pretended not to know her! Only to be added by her after a couple of days :/ *pull hair* leeesh? why? kyoooon? *cries*! You will say, eay, just ignore her! Yeah, right I wish I can do that but she has 3 highchool girls as mutual friends and I don’t wanna hurt my friend’s feelings by ignoring & blocking her! She will be upset and I don’t want that! Oooh and later she sends me msg (before accepting) and she tells me *Saroooooona how r u girl, miss u babe. I have to see you soon” <– Saroona, babe, see u soon . . . WTF?! No freaking way! I don’t remember socializing with her ever and after Highschool we lost contact coz obviously I DONT HAVE HER FREAKING NUMBER AND DONT WANT TOO! Eventually I did accept coz I don’t wanna hurt my old friend’s feelings!

Last night, Wawa (my bestie n highschool friend) called me to tell me that she’s coming tonight to Anwar’s house (another highschool friend) coz we are having highschool reunion (only close ones) and that creepy one is not invited but our friend who’s her friend is coming, so we wont be able to gossip *cough* talk about her 😛 So I opened the topic with Wawa on the phone to get it out of my system, here’s the conversation;

Swera; Wathoooo7, guess who added me on fb?

Wawa; Who? Who?

Swera; It’s “H” :/

Wawa; eeee me too and she sent me sms asking me for my mobile number and saying that we should meet *laughter*

Swera; ohoooo the same thing happened with me, she wants to meet but she didnt ask for my mobile *phew*

Wawa; and guess what happened later on? the same day at night i go to the hospital and i see her there, how weird is that @@?! I was like huh?

Swera; no freaking way?! OMG! I don’t want her on my friends’ list but i don’t wanna hurt “h”;s feelings!

Wawa; *laughter* <— she’s always laughing mashallah. I’m coming to Anwar’s house tomorrow.

Swera; yeeeeey it’s been a long time really! we will have fun 🙂

Wawa; sure we will do!

So, for sure we will have fun tonight but ah we won’t be able to get it out of our system! but we can always whisper LOL 😛 But seriously, I don’t know what to do with this girl! I don’t wanna meet her and i don’t want her to hv my mobile number! I’m planning a huge highschool reunion but don’t wanna invite her! and I’m sure she will know, she will be upset and she will talek to “H” about it! But she ain’t my friend at all! not even near that! Such a Dilemma!!!!!

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25 thoughts on “FaceBook Dilemma

  1. Yeah I hate those people hence why I choose to ignore them and I really dont’ care who they are friends with in the end ra7ty aham shay hehehe o I’m always here if you wanna gossip 3ady loves gossiping 😛

    • wallah zeeen tsaweeen 😀

      ee adre feech same same me lol 😛 aren’t u the cutest?! ;*** I hv many things/people to gossip about, hope no one from the list is ur friend haha 😉

      • Agooolich shay? Whether they are or not friends I respect everyones opinion because maybe just maybe the other person is misunderstood o I can explain it.. It’s not necessarily a betrayal o mo 7elwa at this age enrabe6 3asa3es hehe 😛

      • 3eeen el3agel wallah ;* ta3jibini 😉

  2. Ba3ad we are old for this stuff it’s not really worth it o everyone is entitled to let loose some steam about the others really.. hehe 😛 Fa go ahead and go crazy weyay!

    • ee I know bs fi still nas 3goolhom mtan7a! ya b3d shabzi wallah! I really need such a good crazy friend like u 😛

  3. OMG! hahaah allah ey3nek!!! its difficult i can tell! look at me! i had to add an old class mate of mine after they tagging me in a school picture! and FYI she HATED me when I was at school
    Actually it was mutual hate :p

  4. waaih saroon 3yal ishrayich whn in a very large family u have this far away cuzn to add u !! then u accept bcoz u have the same last name ;p fashlaa

    So 3addi its all a FB Drama thingy ! plus dnt u think someday blogging will b personal too ? maybe that friend will recognize the story through ur blog ;p lool waih 7azat-ha its gonna b a real ” Wihga ” ! ;p

    • hahaha actually our mutua friend “H” knows about my blog but she often reads it so I dont think so, o 3la matadreee eb my blog ella ra7 el post endethar lol 😀

  5. Summer

    FB causes so many problems!!

    PS you miss spelled weird!

  6. Trust me dont add weird people on facebook! but who knows maybe she changed over the years :p

    • hhhmmm yeah i’m thinking the same thing, still i’m not comfortable with her on my friends’ list 😛

  7. easy!! just block her in FB & u will not get any msgs from her,, so she’s still in ur list but she cannot contact u or see what ur doing cool yea ! :p
    o etha 9ar ma 9ar o s2ltech golay laha e9ij ! ena ma we9lch ay msg mnha !! done :p

    & 3ala el-yam3a ma agdar agol ela alla y3ench :p

    • yeah i thought about that too bs no3ha de3la, etsa2el o mn hasowalif! and i dont wanna hurt my friend’s feelings 😉 i wish it was that easy!

      • looooool alla y3enich 3yal bs etha el-bent mo7trma bs 3ebha enha weird 36eha chance wayed nas yt’3yron m3a el-jam3a !! 🙂

      • hehe wentay e9ajja mn ayam ethanaweya! lol i hope enna she’s changed 😉

  8. hehehe good luck ! :p

  9. looool and thats why I thank god everyday for not having a facebook aacout ;p

    Allah y3eeenich, I say ignore her o if anyone asks play stupid ;p

    • hahaha i wish wallah! bs 5ala9 sawet accept o bedet akelha malat 3alay! bs soon i might delete n block her 😀

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