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Why I Love Blogging?!

My blog will mark its 1 year anniversary soon and let me tell you this! I wasn’t expecting that it will be alive as it is today! When I first started this blog, I thought people will not care to read about my non sense and the crazy things I write about, but guess I was wrong! There are crazier people out there than me! and to be honest, last year at this time, I wasn’t familiar with the word “blog” and I wasn’t sure what it meant!

Now why do I love blogging? It became an addiction to me! I’ve come to know awesome, hilarious, funny people! respectful, popular and kind! and I also met the narcissist, meany, selfish type! and I’m not sad for that, because it gives me more and more experience in life! And also received emails from strangers sharing their thoughts, ideas & feelings which are almost the same as mine regarding various posts! Also, I got introduced to other blogs/bloggers, and I’ve learnt many many things from their topics and posts!

Everyday, I wake up in the morning earlier than usual, just to check the comments people hv left on posts I’ve written, and that makes my day very optimistic and full of energy!

This post is for you my beloved blog-mates & silent readers! I love you all and you all make my day more n more beautiful & shiny! Keep your awesome comments pouring in here :*

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I Miss You So Much

I don’t know what makes me more sad & upset in the below video? The fact that my mother appears in the video crying min 0:52 or the awful invasion! Mama was on vacation in Egypt at that time, she couldn’t get in at 1st and after working things out, she managed to return back home through KSA! In that video, she was devastated because she couldn’t be with us! Of course, nothing happened to her nor to use and alot of people suffered (el7mdella 3la kel 7al) but I miss her so much, it hurts alot not being with her, sharing with her every moment of life, making her coffee and doing stuff together! The older I get, the more I feel I need you mama in my life, it feels like I’m lost and can’t go on with my life without you!

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