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The Art Of Deception

How can people be so heartless, deceptive, liars, manipulative with 2 faces?! Sometimes i wish I can be that to avoid all the pain, the hurt, and the suffering! But I just can’t do it! I hvnt been raised to be like that and I know am a better person than those bastards but why do I always do the same mistake?!

I used to hv problems with trust and friendship! It took me 3 yrs to admit that Dodo & Wawa are my best friends and extra 2 yrs to open up and pour my heart out! i was right in my choices I’ve made when I was younger! But when you thing you get older & wiser, you get dumber & dumber! Thinking that I can know people from their behavior n attitude! and I can know who is good and who is evil but not all the time! Some people are very skilled and experienced in being deceptive & liars! They know how to trick you in gaining your trust and actually you believe them and trust them with your heart, until a moment comes where you realize they are not what you hv been seeing, or expecting! and that it’s all been a huge lie!

Why do I get myself in such situations?! Am I that naive?! Oh no, I don’t think so! It’s because I tend to think the best of people not the worst! and be a better person and treat them well! i think i should stick to my values and standards and never trust people that easy!

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Movie Review; Frozen

I’ve been looking for this movie for a long time over the net and online dvd stores, but couldn’t find til a couple of days ago and ordered it! I’ve just finished watching! and the only reason why I bought this movie is because Kevin Zegers is in it *faint* 😛

Anyways, the movie was ok, not that good and not that bad! Boring at times because it only has 3 characters and one setting, the whole movie is set in one place! Now, I will not go talking about the characters, the plot, the climax and how good the direction was but I will talk about the main aspect of the movie! Which is about taking life or death decisions, very tough ones in order to save your life and the ones you love!

Dan (Kevin Zegers) shows how sensitive he is and naive in thinking that he can save his girlfriend who you think he doesn’t love that much, but it shows as the events of the movie develop, and was ready to jump in order to save her life (ma testahel, s7ela)! Joe (Shawn Ashmore), Dan’s best friend also tries another way in trying to save their lives (will not go into details)! but the movie shows how scared Parker (Emma Bell)-the girlfriend, was and coward, she didn’t do anything! but at the end she thought of something to save only her life!

Now in that situation, i admit, i’m gonna be a huge coward and probably die of fear rather than trying to save my life! It;s a very tough decision and believe me the situation the characters were in was very difficult to think, decide or just have any rational ideas!

Watch it if you want, to learn how to deal with such situation if you get yourself in a similar one 😉

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