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No Eiedeya For Employees :/

Eideya means giving money to children on the day of Eid (explaining the term for those who don’t understand it)! My post here is about how meaningless the Eid has become to me, us or to whoever is feeling the same! and why? It’s because we’re not getting anymore Eideyas 😦 WHY?!!! Because we have graduated and hv our own salary . . . so what? I still feel as a child who needs to be happy on Eid days, is that wrong?

I’ve graduated immediately after my mom died and got a job after one month of graduation (too fast i know) but my family kept on giving me Eideya for 2 yrs because they felt sympathy (maksorat 5a6er) and I guess I became old and wise for that now that they hv realized they shouldnt be giving me Eideya :/

Dad is still giving Eideya, he said you’re my daughter and I will continue on giving you Eideya 😀 and I added that “even if i get married or hv kidz you will be giving me, understood?” he just laughed and gave me money! But the thing is, his Eideya is becoming less and less . . . 2 yrs ago, he gave us all KD 180, last year he gave us KD 150 and this year it was only KD 100!!??? Leeeesh (Why)? I asked him, “he said because we’re gonna travel at the beginning of next year” I was like ” are you kidding me? we will not sleep in the street if you give us extra?” and he just said “Sarah lat7eneeen (stop nagging)”! Anyways, I thanked him, kissed his forehead and gave him a big smile 😀

As for the other members of my family, I used to blackmail my Grandma (my mother’s mother)when she stopped giving me Eideya, i used to tell her, I miss my mom, Eid is gloomy, i became old, everyone got married except me (hahahaha yeah that worked on her lol) bla bla bla and she’d buy it n give me around KD 70-50 but this Eid, Oh boy! Nothing worked on her, literary! I tried everything I used to try on her but still nothing! I guess she knew what I was doing hehe BUT she gave me KD 20, that’s smth while she gave my younger sister KD 70 (not fair)!!! and my aunt Kawakeb gave me kd 10 hehehe she said “so you won’t feel sad (mabi akser eb 5a6reck)” and I told her “only KD 10?” her answer was “take it or leave it (tabeena wella matabeen)” of course TAKE IT 😛

My younger sister gathered more than KD 200 while I only gathered KD 130 *sniff*! I remember I used to make her feel jealous by letting her know how much I had Eideyas and of course it was always more than her because I’m 5 yrs older! Now it’s the other way around! Yesterday, she came to me with all the money she had and danced in front of me waving the money in front of my eyes LOL 😛

Happy Eid People :*

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