Napket Breakfast

What a lovely way to start your morning, early breakfast with my sister & my best friend Dodo accompanied by her lil cute pie Nour! We went to The Avenues and surprisingly it was not that crowded! Dodo wanted a place more private and away from people in case Nour started screaming in the middle of our breakfast, so i suggested Napket because it’s in the upper floor and not many were there! This is the 1st time i try their breakfast (tried lunch & dinner) and it was lovely! I’ll leave you with the pix;

Dodo’s French Toast

My sister’s Omlette

My Pyramid Pancakes which were very heavy and couldn’t eat all :/

and then Raspberry Iced Yogurt 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Napket Breakfast

  1. yummmm looks soo yummmi …bel 3afya

  2. I Miss Breakfast! Looks yummuy, 3laikum bl3afyah 🙂

  3. bel 3afiah 😀

  4. Yum.. lovely hearty meal 🙂 Bon appetit!

  5. بالعافيه يارب شوقتيني ع الريوق بره ان شاءالله ع الاسبوع الياي ارد اريق 🙂

  6. 3alaaaikm ib alf 3aaafya ;**

    I’m not a fan of breakfast :s

  7. Hameedosh

    Wooosh looks great, never been there tho.. 3wafi

  8. looks yummy i’ll have to try it one morning 🙂

  9. Looks so yummy. Glad you enjoyed yourself 😀

  10. Saku

    Wiiin Hathi elle tgol she just lost 4kgs in 2 months?..bel3afya

  11. Saku

    U must watch the biggest loser they lost 100+ in 14 weeks..mashalla

  12. aakkhh yawa3teeni

  13. hanny w 3afya saroon ;* shaklah yummy

  14. liked their frozen yogurt,, there is a good sofa spot there where you can even take a nap without anyone noticing u 😛

  15. 3awafiii

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