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Know Your Real Age!

Thanks to Aymz who was kind enough and sent me this link to know my real age and how to look younger along with the best food to make me sleep at night because of my insomnia! Anyways, I did the test and it was a very LONG one! there were many things to answer and to know about! I didnt know that these things really matter, like what kind of car i’m driving, and for how long per day, didn’t know that would affect my health!

My real age turned out to be 29 yrs old (I’m 27) :S so I’m 2 year older! It’s because I don’t eat much veg or fruit, don’t eat much fiber and I’ve never done an annual check-up in my whole life n not to mention that my family has a history with Cancer! The site will also provide for you a plan on how to change your habits and how to improve your health by setting a plan for you to follow (all for free)! and i’ll make sure to follow that plan, because i’m getting older, not younger and we women want to always look younger 🙂

What Is Your Real Age?

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