I Smell; Baby Cabbage Patch Dolls!

Remember those dolls? They have this unique smell, it’s more like a powder and a mix of a new born! I remember I got mine when I was like 9 or 10 yrs old, when we went to London! We went to this HUGE toy store which I cant recall the name of it and got mine from there! do they sell them in Kuwait? hhmmm anyways, I got mine from London & I fell in love with it and its smell! I used to make it sleep next to me, kinda makes you feel safe as a kid!

Today, when I was writing my diaries, i suddenly started smelling them, their unique beautiful smell hit my nose and i couldnt help but remember those good old days! and how i was happy holding it with my own hands and playing with! Now i want one *rolls eyes* im not ashamed to admit that i really want a Baby Cabbage Patch Doll 😀 so if you know a store that sells them in here plz let me know! I wanna sleep and smell their beautiful essence 🙂

So Cute 😀

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29 thoughts on “I Smell; Baby Cabbage Patch Dolls!

  1. Hanayen

    Swera, ambaih tara t5arri3 yumma! bass lol i3jibatni ree7at’hom min wa9fich laha. mu chinha elli ti6la3 gabil 3la space toon o tgool: matha ohdeeki ya ommi fe al-a3yad? :p 9a7?
    bass sorry, madri etha mawjodeen. shofay etha t6lbeenhon online?

    • laaaa 7raam 3leeech she’s adorable 😛

      hhhhmmm i never watched space toon so i really cant tell 😀

  2. i got mine from Australian and for some weird reason i named her Patricia but i remember bragging about it to all the kids and a very horrible incident where i tried to give it a “shower” i still have it though 🙂 a piece of childhood i will always keep ..

    • Lucky you, u still hv it! i lost mine 😦 I think i gave it to sm1 or it was lost while moving from house to house!!! hhhmm i hv to get me one 🙂

  3. okkk… this is scary! ;p

  4. u just remind me be seto allah yer7mha she used to bring me one everytime i visit her fe cairo

  5. waaay zooqaaaaaaa

  6. Made n Q8

    لوول طالع الخنافر يحليلها

  7. I’ve never had one.. I didn’t play with dolls, my brothers would tease me if I did and call me a “girl” which back then I thought is a bad thing ;p

  8. wai thakerteena bayam..tadreeen i never had one o kint a7tar ina ma3indi o kilman 3inda;l
    i think the shop ur refering to is hamleys? the huge london toy store

    • maybe wallah i honestly cant remember the name but it was really huge 🙂 will get u one too once i locate the dolls here in Q8 😉

  9. Cuuuute ! mal tfi3i9 ;p ! I love soft dolls for tfi3i9 ;p

    wala yhimch if i knew any news abt selling them in Town i’ll let u knw 😉

    Btw saroon mamati kila tsalim 3alech w ts2al 3nch w ur sister w brother , hope every one is doing fine 😉

  10. Zabo0o6a

    Awwww once you said the smell you took me back long years back !
    I still have them , 7 dolls!
    Unfortunetely they stopped selling them here I remember way back Fantasy world had sum then stopped as well as jam3iyat elnuzha !
    I got mine from Toys are us from the states but I checked the one in 360 looking for one for my niece cudn’t find any :/
    I’m bringing one back in September for my niece shall I add you to the order 😉

  11. B

    i still have mine 😀

    you can find them online :


  12. Dk


  13. Aww MEMORIES!!
    I LOVED my cabbage patch doll!
    Still have it hidden somewhere!!:P

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