How To Scare OFF A Man-Eater?

I’ve read this article in Glamour Magazine long time ago and I thought about sharing it with you guys! Seriously, a woman who’s trying to hunt ur man down, how would you react?

That article has many good points but honestly! I don’t think it would be suitable for me if i was in that situation! Understand who she is? Why would I? The hell with her, if she’s trying to steal my man from me then she’s going DOWN!!! Address it immediately . . . that may be ok but i will address it in my own way! Approach with caution and don’t make a scene @@?! how could i? If she’s following him every where and trying to seduce him, hell i’d make a scene if she gets all over him and tries more n more to get to my man! and the last point, Don’t Use the Ultimatum!!! Seriously? Why not?? It’s either me or her, and if he chooses her then the hell with him (daf3at mardi wel hawa sharji)! I’d be better off i guess!

What do you think?! what would you do if you sense a man-eater around @@?! 😉

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14 thoughts on “How To Scare OFF A Man-Eater?

  1. LOL the article made me laugh!

    My man should be someone thiqa o ma yenbag o0 etha kan ibser3a emeeel o lazm arke’6 warah ana agool yaglib wayha weya il eater wayd abrak! Ma nabi reyayeeel ragla o 3yonhm zay’3a

    • hahahaa ee getlech daf3at mardy wel hawa shenooo??? sharjiiiiii o chenna el3eeed 😀

      • looooool…i wont comment la taklooni 😛

        0r in other way come on…,men have desire some time’s women get busy…u should protect what urs babe 😛

      • laaa wallah? 5oosh 3ether! hatha y3ni erayal mo kafoo 😛

  2. A woman shouldn’t have to intervene if a man-eater is after her guy. He should act like a man and take care of the situation before it escalates and causes damage.

  3. Totally agree with Vainglorious. B3dain my man lazm y3rf yadgr o ma ya36e wayh 7g random girls we6ay7 el meyanah mn bab ina ismila 3laih he’s open minded! LOL No bhal 2umor khlykoun his mind imjayim 3la 1950’s LOOL ;P

  4. eh 3ateej el9oouf wla ydeed lbreesam loool ;p

  5. Summer

    Looooool!! funny!

  6. i totally agree with u.. I’ll take her down o I’ll B htting hard b3ad

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