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New Discovery: Taylor Kinney

Smoking HOT!!!! I was just watching MBC4 “Doctors” Show and part of the show was answering questions from the cast of Trauma!!! Which show is that? I have no idea . . . and one of the cast was Taylor Kinney, my new discovery 😀 I literary jumped from the couch when I saw his dreamy-sleepy eyes *sighs*!!!!

Anyways, guess what? He was on Fashion House tv show . . . I know that show but I just can’t remember him in it!!! And I have greater news for yaaaaa, he will be joining the cast of Vampire Diaries in season 2 wooooohooooo . . . How hot that show will be @@?! aha aha aha

I think I remember the mother was a real bitch, like totally 😛

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