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New Fall TV Shows

Here’s my list for the upcoming TV Shows which I will watch this fall;

The Cape


Hawaii Five-O

And can’t wait for the continuing seasons of Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl & Supernatural along with currently showing on TV White Collar & True Blood.

Can’t Waaaaaaait ^_^

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My HoneyMoon!

You think I would like to go and spend few days on an island where no one exists?! Think again people! Nop, That’s not my idea of a perfect honeymoon. Mine must be full of activities, adventures and vividness! Not dull, boring, and completely romantic! Well, sure I want it to be romantic but in my own way! My honeymoon will be on parts, unless my husband is extra rich and can take me to all the places at once lol 🙂

Part 1; I have to attend either IL DIVO or Josh Groban’s concert. He (my husband to be) has to make a choice between these 2! and i’m not changing the choices! So he has to learn how to love their music and cherish them , so he can enjoy their songs and live each word 😉

Part 2; Derby Milano is a MUST!!! I hv to attend this game. Whether next year or the year after or after 10 yrs, I don’t care as long as I get to set my foot on San Siro Stadium and cheer for my team AC Milan wooohoooo :P!!! I guess my husband-to-be has to be a very cool guy and understanding coz I will be cheering, yelling, screaming, n cursing all the time 😀

Part 3; Broadway Oh Broadway . . . I have to attend one of the plays there before I die (Plz Allah don’t take me soon)! Whether my hubby will think it’s cheesy, girly or for sissies then it’s his problem not mine! There’s nothing wrong with attending a musical! And if thinks that it will destroy part of his manhood, then i will make sure that he’s still a man in my eyes! Who cares what other people think as long as I see him the way he wants, right ;)?

Part 4; Now this is the finale of my honeymoon and it has to be in summer (July)! Where do we head? to San Diego bebeh and attend Comic Con! We dress up like those crazy maniacs in the streets n just blend it! Man that should be fun and full of excitement hehe 😀 Sleep on the streets with our tents waiting for the stars to arrive, and then attend the expo!!!! aaahhhh 😀

Isn’t she adorable?! 😛 I like her outfit hehe, she looks like a lunatic, and that would suit me 😉 beside it’s the perfect cover instead of my hijab!!! Now, did I ask for alot? Is it too much? No, I don’t think so . . . I will hv fun and so my husband-to-be! But as I said, he has to be totally cool or else, I’m doomed 🙂

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