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No Make-Up!!!

I’ve been going out lately with no make-up at all, specially to work! I don’t know why? but i’m just not in the mood to add foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara or lipstick!!! I’m not one of those clowns who scare people in the streets due to the extreme amount of make-up they wear! Eyeliner and lipstick/gloss would be more than enough, not to forget a light blusher! That’s it, but even that, I can;t seem to be able to wear it! Actually I feel very light, like there’s no heavy weight on my face to put up with for more than 8 hrs daily and it’s more relaxing!

I have lots n lots of make-up, I miss wearing it! Every morning i wake up and take a look at it, turn my face n head straight to my clothes, wear them and straight to the car! Even when i go out at night, it would put just blusher n gloss, no foundation n no eyeliner! I wonder when my cranky mood will get better, so I can use all the palettes I have! and buy more make-up from Benefit which I’m in love with 😉

I don’t think a girl will look ugly or scary without makeup! She would look average, normal, pure, original & natural! I always wonder why those crazy ladies were that kind of crazy make-up? Can’t they see that they’re scaring the kidz and adults too?! I remember once, I saw this lady in 360 Mall who was wearing freakingly -scaryyy make-up which made me gasp for air. I couldn’t breath, and I kept on thinking about the poor guy who was holding her hands while walking in food court! I mean is he that BLIND for letting his wife/mistress/whatever get out like that to the public? or does he like it? or WTF exactly?!

I love Kareena’s Face without make-up, she looks so pale n white but natural to me!

Except for Angelina, she looks so scary :S

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