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So I took a couple of days off from work and headed straight to Bnaider to relax and have fun with family and cousins 🙂 The weather is just beautiful and amazing, I wish the weather of the city is always like that, cool and windy! We stayed up til 4 am prayed then off to the water 😀 It was warm, transperant and light . . . we swimmed til 6 am then slept for a while! After that, woke up, drank Turkish Coffee (My Ritual) n then started playing Hand, Bingo & Ghamza (card game)! I sucked in all of them but smhow I managed to win Bingo (there was a prize) and kept on screaming and shouting “Bingoooo Bingooooo” <– my throat hurts now :S

It’s fun, lots n lots of fun with family and cousins . . . ofcourse no Hijab was there!!!! It’s hot at noon and I want to swim freely! I have a great cousin who doesn’t mind that at all, I always tell him “Sammooy check my new hair cut/color” he’s always like “yooozaaaaay” and laughs but his younger brother is sophisticated, always “cover your hair n cover your hair”  with this angry look on his face <– can’t understand what’s his problem 😛 !!! They’re younger than me, that’s why I don’t feel I’m obliged to cover my hair from them 😉

The happiness I felt yesterday and today was unbelievable! Family, cousins and aunts along with my sweet crazy uncle . . . missing my mom ofcourse! But it was a happy time! When I was on the beach at 4 am last night before hitting the water, I kept thinking how life is cruel n beautiful at the same time! I don’t regret anything I’ve done before, but I try to learn from my own mistakes! Me and my younger aunt (my secret keeper) had a heart to heart conversation while we were in the water, I kinda felt relieved and some of the heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders and felt happier even after waking up in the morning, it didn’t feel weird at all! I felt that a new beautiful day is waiting for me 🙂

Wassssiiiii . . . Rayan enjoying the water 🙂

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