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Hangover Sequel: Thailand

Guess What??? Hangover sequel has just been confirmed and it will take place in Thailand!!!! Can’t imagine what kind of mess they will be up to but i’ll make sure to put the date of the release on my agenda . . . wooooohoooo i’m laughing right now while writing this post remembering all the crazy stuff they hv done in Las Vegas 😛 It will be released in 2011, a year from now 😉

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Movie Review: Stolen

It’s been a while since i’ve seen such a great movie with an incredible story! Many may say it’s just a normal crime movie! but for me it’s more than that! you can feel the pain and agony in each character’s eyes . . . even when separated by 50 yrs, the pain is the same, and it will never go away! years and years pass by, people may think that that person has moved on but no, deep down inside! he’s struggling with the past! and dying without having a closure?! that i cannot imagine.

The movie is about a sergeant whose child has been kidnapped and spent 8 years searching for him but with no success until a body is found buried! The investigation leads him to unlock what others couldn’t 50 years ago, and somehow it’s related to the kidnapping of his little boy. The movie stars Josh Lucas & John Hamm!

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