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I Love: Edward Norton

Now this is a real EDWARD *hearts*! He’s one of the best actors out there, almost all of his movies are amazing! for me, i’ve never seen a movie for him where i felt bored! His acting skills are almost real! It’s like he’s not acting, he’s the real character! You easily get into the mood of any movie he acts in!

He has such a baby face but that’s not in issue when it comes to movies such as American History X!!! That was the 1st movie i saw for him and from that day, he’s been added to my list! That movie didn’t let me sleep for weeks remembering that seen where he put that guy’s face on the street and just smashed it with his leg *shuts eyes*! you loath him at first but as his character develops you begin to feel pity and love for him at the same time! specially at the end 😦

I saw 25th hour, Pride and Glory, and The Painted Veil and others! The Painted Veil was like no other! I cried and cried like this was for real!!! 😦 If you haven’t watched this movie, you have to watch it!!!!! Amazing one!

“UN names actor Edward Norton as celebrity advocate for preserving biodiversity”

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