TV Show: White Collar

*bangs head on the floor*, *bangs head on the bed*, * bangs head on the wall*, *bangs head on the mirror*, *bangs head on sister’s head*, and *screammmmmzzzzzz* OOOOOOHHHH MMMYYYYYY GOOOOODDDDDD!!!! What’s this? No No No, I can’t take it! I can’t keep looking at such amazing-beautiful-gorgeous-unbelievable eyes!!! How can !???? Matt Bomer is the SEXIETS man alive EVERRRRRRRR! no one can ever beat him (my opinion keep urs to urself 🙂 His nose, his lips, his cheeks, his hair, his clothes, his etc. everything about him is extremely hot & sexy . . . I wish there r more words that can describe him more and more 😀

Loook at his eyes @@?! take a deep, very very deep look and see for yourself where those dreamy colorful will take you . . . aahhhh and when he smiles *yeeeeeeeeeeew*!!!!! ya Allaaaaah, I feel like my heart is gonna be ripped into pieces! his teeth, never seen such teeth before, shiny & sexy <– I know i’m exaggerating 😛

Ooooohhh oooohhhh Ohhhhh when he wears that hat …. it’s like this hat is never meant to anyone else but him, Oh Boy 😉

Now to the show, it’s fun to watch, very entertaining and makes you laugh from time to time with all the excitement and action going on!Of course Neal is the star of the show, I love Mozzie, he’s such a cutiiii 🙂 and god Elizabeth (Tiffani Theissen) still hot! Peter her husband is also funny. There’s no character that you will hate! you fall in love with the whole cast! It’s about a white collar thief helping the FBI solve cases that involves art . . . it’s kinda new, watch it 🙂

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36 thoughts on “TV Show: White Collar

  1. SoCoMoCo

    shshshshshmlllll7aaaaa :$

  2. LOOOOL sara , I laughed at every head bang but when u said bang ur head on ur sisters head I just cracked up !! Hahaha ma9adeq

    Thanx u just made my day better , or should I say night :*

    Ps : la ygherech tara 7a6 3adasat :p

    • hehehehe 3ad ta5ayelay maska ras Noro o a6eg rasi eb rasha lol 😛

      3asaaaa doooom nshallah :*

      haha aham shay 3dasat 😉

  3. I like his pose in second

  4. LoL Eee just that ;Pp

  5. Chrome

    Obviously you haven’t seen me… hehehe ;P

    • Chrome this is to u: if u look like Matt bomer then this is an official proposal to u on my blog “will u marry me” looool <— I'm losin it :p

  6. Holy crap! That’s way too many head bangs for my taste. I will refrain from watching this show, I want my head in one piece ;p

    Are u still staring at him? Wipe that drool will ya! ;p

    • Haha I’m not drooling I’m bleeding :/ 3waaar glb qatel be9meewm lol

      Yes I’m still watching n will continue to watch until further notice 😉

  7. HOTNESS!!!

    That’s all what I’m gonna say..XD

  8. come on with some photoshoping and millions of $$ a show … I will look like that 🙂 (well maybe with few nip and tucks too )

    • LOOL i know photoshop helps alot but just take a look at him in the show @@!? he doesn’t need nip & tuck 😛

  9. LOL! Inshalla bs da3aiteeeely leman you saw it? 😛 I saw him and I was like OMG 7bebe and btw I have him reserved since I discovered the show kaify kaify 😛 He’s mine I won’t share weyach! 😛

    Oooo wait and see there is this one episode ga3ed 3al couch topless in PJ pants o akhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih athoooooooooooooooob! 😛

    • hahaha eee glt akheee 3alech ya Jacqui yebteha 3adel!!! wene 3anna kel hal wagt! kel mabi agol bashofa atkesal! now mabi ashoofa bser3a 3ashan lag3ad an6er b3den :S

      eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh ambeeeh ana yom sheftaaaa *peep* ok i wont say it on my blog! when i tell u i will tell you what i said hehehe 😀

      c’mon we hv to share Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer!!! yom wa7ed 3ndech o wa7ed 3ndi o netbadal thani yom! sheftat 😉

  10. lol im happy for u :p

  11. Everyone talks about HIM .. Yeah he’s good looking but he really needs a haircut 😛
    I think with shaved head, he’d look gorgeous! That’s my opinion kaifi 😛


      la2 ana 7abba sha3ra chethi wohwaaa mbahthal,,,sexyyyyyy 😉

    • laaaddyyyyy why ruin the mood @@?! beside that was a rumor by the most awful gay i’ve ever seen Perez Hilton and he did that because he has a crush on him!

      he neither denied the accusation nor he admitted it! so it’s not clear what he is, maybe he’s trying to find out what’s his orientation lol 😛 and i’ll be glad to wait for him if he’s straight or be his friend if he’s gay! i’m an open minded girl 😀

      • LOL!!! You’re awesome girl XD
        Please post that on my facebook wall under his picture! People should read that .. Hahahaha XD

        Love you!

      • hahahaha just did lol 🙂

        love u toooo mwaaaah :*

  12. if it was not for the funny head banging introduction i would have been utterly disappointed :>

  13. ali

    i used to be like that minus the blue eyes 😛

  14. Did you ever watch The Tudors? If so don’t you think that Matt Bomer reminds you of Henry Cavill? Henry played Charles Brandon they both are hot, wa7ed straight o the other allegedly is not 😛

    • i did watch The Tudors bs makamlta only a couple of episodes! hhhmmm interesting wen manroo7 gays gays gays :S

      let me check them out 😀

      • La Henry Cavill isn’t gay shofeeeh dawray eb youtube o shofay jamala he has a new movie coming out which is a historical akhaaih ya mammmiiiii if it comes out dvd i wanna see it weyach 😛

    • Jacqyoooo mooo nage9niii ana!!! faqadt tarkizi al7eeen o im fasting hehe 😛

      i just checked his imdb and read about his ubcoming movoe! awal mayanzel bab beiti maftooo7lech, we get on dvd o nsaweeha girls night in (hotness movie) 😀

  15. Thanks for the great article on White Collar. I really enjoy this show but I think that it doesn’t get enough viewership because it isn’t on network televion. I feel that Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) really makes this show with his amazing acting style. It will be interesting to see what happens when this season returns with Mozzie. Check out this other great site about the White Collar TV show.

    • Yeah, i really wanna know what will happen to Mozz after the mid season finale! The reason for what u’ve mentioned is i guess because the show airs mostly in summer and that everybody is on vacation!

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