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Married & Flirting!!!

what the hell is wrong with you man?! You’re freaking married and have 3 kidz! aren’t they enough for you or you just can’t settle down! You want more and more and more!!! Okay, til when exactly @@?!

i worked with this guy on this project when I was conducting interviews with various guys and girls in Kuwait or in the GCC area! It was fun because it was a new kind of project for me and i was excited! I won’t go into details coz his identity will be revealed not for his sake but Im considering the feelings of his wife and kidz!

Anyways, for 6 months we were working together as if he was a single life (complete personality disorder), at that time he was getting friendlier and friendlier day after day! with sms and calls bla bla bla! Sometimes he was weird and not straight forward, I was like what the hell is wrong with this guy @@?! After 6 months he goes n tells me he’s married and he has 3 kidz @@?! What The F***?!!!! Okay, he didn’t go off limits with me but he was with other girls on FaceBook . . . good god, where’s his WIFE?!!! Isn’t she feeling smth or anything?! he works til 3 pm after that he goes for training, he’s an athlete he comes home around 11 pm and straight forward to MSN!!! What kind of life is he living?!!!

He starts calling late at night, i didnt answer but still he would do it again and sms also! BUT GUESS WHAT?! he wouldnt dare n say HI to me infront of his wife!!!!! Oh yes, I saw him at the movies with his wife and kidz, I told my aunts, look at that guy, he did this and that! He saw me but he acted as if he didnt! I confronted him after 2 days since he didnt bring the subject . . . what do you think he said! “I didn’t see you, where were you” and I was like you liar “Yes you saw me, i was there infront of you” . . . and he goes “Oh that was youuuu! I thought that was a girl who looked like you” <— BULLSHIT!!!! you filthy man!!!!!

Anyways, since then I blocked him from Facebook, msn and ignored his calls and sms but he’s still texting meeeeeeeeh!!!!! What the hell is wrong with him?!!! what am I supposed to do except keep on ignoring him!!??? pppfffff

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Loving Advertisements

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8 Things True Love Can Survive

I read this in Glamour Magazine and thought of sharing it with you 😉 Nice, Funny & True!

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