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The Butcher Shop & Grill

Today’s events were just amazing 🙂 Chika is back from her honeymoon woooohoooooo 😀 Finally, there’s sm1 to talk to at work! We spent the whole day chatting and chatting til we decided that we’re not in the mood for work and that we’re heading to The Avenues for lunch! We left around 1:30 PM and reached there around 2 PM, the roads were crowded!

Our pick was The Butcher Shop & Grill! It was my first time there but not for Chika’s so she helped me choose my dish which was delicious yuuummmyyyy! I’m hungry now 😦

I’ll leave you with the pictures;

Complimentary Sausage

Complimentary Olive Oil with vinegar

Complimentary Olives Bread

My Berry Crush drink 😀

Chika’s Lemonade

My Musselsssssss 😀 Finally

Me and Chika ordered the same Fillet but me without Potato 😉

Sauteed Vegetables as side order

Fresh Mushrooms as a side order also 😉

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