Exploding Head

I’m having lots and lots of thoughts going on inside my head that I can’t even control! One after one, and it seems that it will not end! How can you control such negative thoughts?! Seriously, it’s taking its toll on me and I really don’t need this in my life! it’s boring and lifeless, now why adding spices to it? pppffff!!!

Please, nasty thoughts go awaaay and leave me alone! I don’t need you to give this kind of headache 247! I really don’t need it!

P.S. I know the picture is gross but I know that soon my head will explode and it will be nasty, just like this picture :/

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17 thoughts on “Exploding Head

  1. Babes chill out ^_^ Whenever I have negative thoughts, I listen to good and optimistic songs, or just driving, or browse around youtube for comedy clips…Simple.

    • My playlist is full of Josh Groban and IL DIVO! I hv to update it! driving will fry me lol but comedy that I will do, i need to watch the hangover again and again 😀

  2. hehehehe its ok calm down i always deals with alot of though u just need to relax and sit alone and deal with it 😉

  3. when i have negative thoughts its because my mind is focusing on the things I don’t want
    I don’t wanna go to the mall
    Idon’t wanna go to the gym
    I don’t wanna go to the cinema
    well, I ask my self this
    then, where do i wanna go ?
    here I shifted my negative thoughts into positive ones. hence great feeling and positive energy surges.
    its all about the vibes
    always focus on the things u want and dont even think about the things u dont want

    • yeah i know! i hv to clear my mind after i finish eating my fish 🙂 thnx for ur advice 😉

  4. That movie is hilarious 😀

  5. boredom feeds your negative thoughts … do something to kill it!

  6. Yuumah el pic t5ar3 !!

    a7san shy keep ur self SUPER BUSY ! n sleeeeeeeeep

    eat chocolate b3d ;p ice cream is good as well 😉

    • chocolate will make the stress go away but it will get me fatter! i dont need that but sleeping will do 😉

  7. damn that’s one disturbing photo!

  8. weee3 il9ora 2araf sara , alaah ysam7ech
    and chillax woman

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