Bird’s Chocolate Nest

Me and Lady Jow went out to complete our last night’s conversation and blabbering! and what’s better than chocolate to enjoy while talking 🙂 I admit I cheated today and it’s my first chocolate taste after 20 days of dieting but I needed it anyway 😀 We went to Life With Cacao at 360 Mall! It was almost crowded (Sunday Off) Yeeeeey 🙂 and I ordered Bird’s Nest, it was like heaven on earth! amazing wallah! Small ice-cream balls covered with different kinds of chocolate served inside and bird’s nest with chocolate syrup! yyuuuummmyyyyyyyy 😀 You gotta try it people, and share it with others coz I couldn’t complete it! It was heavy 😉

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13 thoughts on “Bird’s Chocolate Nest

  1. OMG!! I was there yesterday with my cousins. We were gonna try this chocolate nest but we decided we’d order it the next visit (^.^)

    Thanks for sharing :*

  2. Sarah

    looks beyond delicious! Bil 3afya hun

  3. 360 waid feeh bal3a mooo zain :P~~~

  4. شكله يشوق ماشاءالله..

    بالعافيه عليكم يارب..

  5. Woow shaklah wayd yshawg !!! hanny w 3afyaa Saroon ;*

  6. I’m craving it now thank you :/ bel3afya:)

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