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Bird’s Chocolate Nest

Me and Lady Jow went out to complete our last night’s conversation and blabbering! and what’s better than chocolate to enjoy while talking 🙂 I admit I cheated today and it’s my first chocolate taste after 20 days of dieting but I needed it anyway 😀 We went to Life With Cacao at 360 Mall! It was almost crowded (Sunday Off) Yeeeeey 🙂 and I ordered Bird’s Nest, it was like heaven on earth! amazing wallah! Small ice-cream balls covered with different kinds of chocolate served inside and bird’s nest with chocolate syrup! yyuuuummmyyyyyyyy 😀 You gotta try it people, and share it with others coz I couldn’t complete it! It was heavy 😉

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Girls’ Talk! Never Ends

I’ve just realized that! Our talking and blabbering never never ends at all! There is always a new thing to talk about, even at the same time, when you think finito, that’s it everybody will hang the phone or just log out of msn, no another subject comes in mind and it leads to another hundred subjects 🙂 aren’t we the greatest?!

Last night, I spoke to Lady Joreya who’s a university friend which I didn’t know about but met later on through my work in uniQue magazine. Anyways, I talked to her for a while on the phone but then we decided to switch to msn, my god MSN!!!!!! It’s been ages since i’ve really sat down in my room and chatted with sm1! it was around 10 or 10:30 PM and it continued up until 3 AM, woooohoooo! and believe me it was continuous TALK! it never stopped and there wasn’t a single pose, never! We shared sm life funny experiences and funny moments in our lives! Also, there was the sad depressive moments, which made me learn alot from her experiences! Then came along DK The Houston Lady, we chatted for a while but she had to go! Couldn’t talk for that long! 🙂

It’s great to hv such great people to open up to from time to time! Even though when I woke up today, I was like “What the hell?, What happened last night?” LOL! it’s great to have this realization hehe coz we had our own long-crazy moments on msn and believe me when I say crazy, then it’s Extra-CRAZY 😀 but it was fun! I really needed that and i guess Lady Jow needed it too! and we will be meeting today in the evening to continue our ride of craziness but this time face to face! 😉

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