Movie Review: Eclipse

I just got back from 360 mall after watching Eclipse at the theatre! We booked a late night show because I hate crowded places and the mall is next to our house, so it would be safe to get back home in seconds, okay minutes 😀

The movie was almost almost BORING! It wasn’t like the book. Bella’s character add to that Kristen Stewart’s acting are both becoming so irritating that I started itching when I heard her voice! Edward’s drama face is becoming less and less adorable! Jacob became HOTTER *whistles*. Jasper is the one that I adore and he has such a nice role to play along with the lovely Alice! You get to know why Rosalie hates Bella so much (don’t blame her) but actually she doesn’t! Carlisle *screams* i wish my father was that sizzling 😛 Emmet and Esme didn’t hv much in the movie!

The movie’s graphics were awesome, love it and I loved the fighting scenes of the Cullen Family! always vivid and exciting that makes you feel want to jump that high with that kind of speed! I loved the training scene and background music was awesome! almost wanted to start dancing in the middle of the theatre 😛

There’s this new actor called Xavier Samuel who played the role of Riley, another steamy-vampire *yeeeeew* He was good in the movie and not to forget that his good looks worked just fine for him to cast his spell on me 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Movie Review: Eclipse

  1. I went for the movie today, it was ok, not what I expected 🙂

  2. the 2nd movie was soooooooo boring, i was hoping this wont be the samecoz it has some more action =/

    i think kristen is very irritating as well.. not looking forward to see her acting again

    • also the 2nd book was boring but the 3rd one was so much fun! they couldn’t turn the movie into the books exactly!

      as i said only the Cullen family makes it fun with their fighting techniques and trainings 😀

  3. اليوم بروح له ان شاءالله..

    ومن الحين باخذ احتياطاتي الصحيه لانه بيلا تغثني واي مالقوا غيرها ماكو تعابير بويها بارده تنرفزني..

    ومثلج احب لما يحطون ع العايله حركاتهم تشوق بتعلمها واطبقها بالدوام خخخ ..

    اهم شي بعرف العله بتتزوج او لا ؟

    ومرسي ..

    • LOOOL 7adha etqeth bs mara7 t3arfeen hashay ella beljez2 erabe3 bs etha taben agollech she9eer ma3ndi mane3 😀

      enjoy 😉

  4. Sweera chinah ma tshaj3en 3al ro7a ;s ?!

    Not that am a big fan of twilight bs madre the first one was boring and i loved the other vampires tv show much more !

    Bs i really dont understand the thing behind this one ! lesh kilman 3indah inh its wow ! all my cuzn w my friends ;s 2ila ana

    • shofay entay lazm tshofina etkamleen elqe9a b3den 3ndech Jasper, Emmet, Alice o Roaslie to watch along with Carlisle not to mention Jacob wayed taghayar bs led3al edward o bella mayeswon eqethooon 😛

      shofay el action elli fi bs tara ohwa mo wow 😀

  5. that poster reminded me of this:


  6. danderma

    bella was always boring even in the book… 3oya o loya o nayma o daykha o has two hunks fighting over her om bakaht

    Jacob Jacob Jacob ❤

    O saaaam… ana wyed 3jbne Sam

    lakin edward 3illa miste3ella… he acts like he has a needle stick in his stomach 3la bu he is in love… every single scene lawa3 chabdi feeh… o their faces wayed 3leha makeup ibzood.. y3ni mako a better makeup artist? their faces are cakey!

    O rosalie! Shino hal 7awajeb il sood ele 3la Rosalie! For gods sake mako a real blonde ib hollywood?!

    El production ta3ban tra.. el makeup t3ban… o ma7ad y3rf yemathel o well casted but the pack!

    but still i had fun ❤

    • ee ge6ee3a teg6a3haaaa etb6 elchabd! wallah kesart 5a6er nfsi :S

      elmhm ee elmakeup wayed zayed! ana glt kel mayakboron ezedon bayathan wa na9a3atan 😛

      ana 7abbeeet Jasper and Carlisle mayen9ad 3nhom o bs eta9weer zen mal el action scenes 😀

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