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Movie Review: The Greatest

If you’re in a blue-doomed mood then you gotta watch this movie! It stars Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon & Carey Mulligan!

The movie is about how a family grieves after the loss of their eldest son! Which almost ruins their relationship! and how his Girlfriend being pregnant affects the healing process! All most every scene catches your emotions and feelings! the beach scene where the father thought his youngest son was drowning! There’s the scene where the mother keeps on visiting the man who hit her son’s car because she knows he spent the last 17 minutes with him and she wanted to know what happened during those minutes! the scene of the father having a heart attack which turns out that it wasn’t a heart attack but he’s turning his emotional pain into a physical one because he’d rather feel physical pain that emotional! I know the feeling, it’s very hard! The scenes where the family can’t even talk about their son because it’s like admitting he’s gone, now I can relate to that, in the 1st year of my mother’s death I was afraid to talk about her, and if i did, it would be in the present tense not the past! also the scene of the young brother, where he confesses that he’s missing his brother so much when he said he doesn’t care and how him being high and fucked-up prevented him from saying goodbye to his older brother! The last scene of the father in the hospital where he confronts his wife about his emotional pain and starts crying 😦 that scene shattered me! soooooooo SAD!!!! and so on!

Now the movie’s name “The Greatest” has many interpretations in my mind! It either refers to Allah/God for taking the son but giving them a grand daughter who was conceived on the same day of his death! or to the son himself who said goodbye to this world but lived in it through his daughter’s existence! you pick you favorite 😉

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The 5 Most Annoying Coworkers

I was going through my old Glamour Magazines and I found this LOL 😉

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Movie Review: Eclipse

I just got back from 360 mall after watching Eclipse at the theatre! We booked a late night show because I hate crowded places and the mall is next to our house, so it would be safe to get back home in seconds, okay minutes 😀

The movie was almost almost BORING! It wasn’t like the book. Bella’s character add to that Kristen Stewart’s acting are both becoming so irritating that I started itching when I heard her voice! Edward’s drama face is becoming less and less adorable! Jacob became HOTTER *whistles*. Jasper is the one that I adore and he has such a nice role to play along with the lovely Alice! You get to know why Rosalie hates Bella so much (don’t blame her) but actually she doesn’t! Carlisle *screams* i wish my father was that sizzling 😛 Emmet and Esme didn’t hv much in the movie!

The movie’s graphics were awesome, love it and I loved the fighting scenes of the Cullen Family! always vivid and exciting that makes you feel want to jump that high with that kind of speed! I loved the training scene and background music was awesome! almost wanted to start dancing in the middle of the theatre 😛

There’s this new actor called Xavier Samuel who played the role of Riley, another steamy-vampire *yeeeeew* He was good in the movie and not to forget that his good looks worked just fine for him to cast his spell on me 🙂


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