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Feeling Blue

Until Further Notice

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Waiting Again :S

Remember my previous post about Waiting?! well guess what? waiting is back again and I have to wait again for smth to happen or just get the final answer! I hate it hate it hate it! Why do we have to wait?! WHY?! Can’t I have the final word in everything?! Why do I have to wait for others to tell me what to do or let me know what’s gonna happen and what’s not! I’m old enough to take my own decisions and make own choices! Whether they’re right or wrong I will be handling the consequences! and I’m willing too!

Do I make sense?! No I don’t, I myself can’t understand myself and I really want to but I find it difficult to! speaking of Geminis, we never understood ourselves and what we want! always in quest for smth new which smtimes we don’t understand but we want it anyway! and we will try everything to put our hands on it! but i won’t go to the extreme, hell no! nothing is worth it! BUT I WANT IT!

When you almost have everything in this world but you can’t feel happiness! there’s always smth missing and you can’t fill this void! you try new things believing it will erase the void inside of you! you become happy for a day or two but then you realize it was just another IT in your life and IT means nothing to you! IT is like another object among others!

I think i got out of the subject! eehhhh I’m pissed, worried, anxious, and I want to know right now! i don’t want to wait 😦

I’m like this now, waiting  . . . . . on another note! Elissa’s song is stuck in my ears! I’m listening to it day and night even though I hate Elissa :S and everytime I listen to it I get goosebumps and I start to cry! Damn, only Josh Groban and IL DIVO make me cry like that, but this one got me sentimental !

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Who’s Your Favorite Twilight Hottie?

So My Boys won’t be upset, go ahead TaZi 😉

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Who’s Your Favorite Twilight Hunk?

Just 4 Fun

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