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I Love: Victoria Beckham

Ever since Spice Girls came out to this world and I’ve been obsessed with Posh! She’s Chic, Elegant, and Fascinating! She has 3 boys and still she maintains to be slim and thin! HOW?! I have no idea?! Maybe she’s a celebrity and she’s taken care of really good but other celebrities couldn’t manage to stay fit after giving birth! The lady has the most handsome husband ever and she knows that all eyes are on him! My OWN EYES are on him 😛 I wonder how it feels to be married to David Beckham!

She’s not that beautiful but one gotta admit she’s attractive and she has a sense of style! I’m loving her line of clothes! so simple yet so sophisticated at the same time! She managed to be a singer, a wife, a mother, a model, an actress and a designer of her own line! WOW! I wish I can achieve what she has achieved til date and more to come in the future for sure! all the dresses she wears, the shoes, the bags, the watches, the accessories she wears make me wanna go nuts! I have almost all of her books the ones she published along with one of her husband! I just love her 🙂

You rock Victoria and so does your name too 😛

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