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BlabberING (1)

On your mark, get set . . . GO

This post might not benefit you in anyway but i’m trying to get things out of my system! things are happening these days that i really can’t comprehend! maybe i’m just being dumb but maybe i’m over-dreaming! good things are happening actually but i’m not excited at all! i’m not feeling the beat! it’s as if i’m not feeling anything *DEAD*! which i really want to be right now!

On a 2nd note, why are relationships so complicated and difficult @@?! Honestly, why good men are going after BITCHES *excuse my language* but i’m pissed off because after they realize that they’re bitches! they start blaming the whole tribe for their mistakes! now c’mon did we tell you to go after her?! no we didn’t, it was by ur own choice and freewill! and we can’t help it if you’re that DUMB to realize she’s not perfect to you til it’s too late and u’re over head dumb!

and why Paris Hilton’s voice is making me so nervous that i want to peel my skin while i;m conscious @@?! why? why? why?! and what’s the idea of her silly full of bullshit reality tv show *BFF*?! WTF?! are we becoming that stupid or ignorant to watch such a show?! who would give a shit about Paris Hilton’s next BFF?! I was going through some channels and saw it by coincidence! it’s like they’re her slaves and she’s enjoying controlling them and asking them to do what she wants to do and you can only imagine what she wants them to do which i will never do :S

Finally, motherhood started to kick in badly! well, it’s been kicking for a while, like for almost 5 years ago! but now the case has deteriorated! ya Allah plz I really want to know when will i get married and have sweet lil creatures of mine?! WHEN?! will that ever happen? or am i going to be a spinster my whole life?! coz i will be then you better take me from this world! I won’t be able to handle that reality!

Peace and Out

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Random Fotos: Canon

Yeeeey this is my 1st post using MacBook Pro and it’s amazing 🙂 My Milo is sooo cute 😛 anyways, I was able to fool my lil bro who’s an expert in photography to sell me his Canon Cam with the lenses along with the Macro one for KD200! hehe yes 🙂 and he said he will buy a new one later on but we will share lenses! well, til then we will see! he’s already into getting iPhone 4 so I don’t think he will get a new cam anytime soon 🙂 The whole thing is mine 😀

I knew today I will be bored coz I don’t have much to do, all are on vacation! The whole place is mine and Anil’s too 😉 so I decided to bring MY Canon and start shooting at work! Believe me it’s not easy to get a nice shot, the cam is big and heavy! after a while your hands will start to hurt but I managed to take 4 pix, hope you will like them 🙂

Thank you DK for introducing me to Picnic 😉 Crazy Yet Wise

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