Unboxing Aigner @Work

What a lovely morning filled with love and a BRAND 🙂

What happens to you when you wake early in the morning, drinl coffee, dress up and head to main door to head for work only to find that there’s a HUGE Aigner bag waiting for you to HUG?! I opened my mouth and was like “haaaaa”!!! Dad: “what’s wrong?”, I simply ignore him coz I can’t comprehend what I’m seeing and he’s again: “What’s that?”! I said: “who brought this bag?” he replies: “Ahmad when he went to pick up your aunts from the airport this dawn” and It hit me! I once complimented my aunt’s bag which was an Aigner and she bought it from Germany! Now they’ve just came from there again and last week it was my birthday! So I guessed immediately that it was my B-Day gift from Koka! Now note that I haven’t talked to anyone yet and all are asleep but I’m assuming it’s my birthday gift 🙂 (7alata egolon it’s for my lil sister) DAMN, I won’t give it to her no matter what! Khalas it’s mine! Beside, I’m sure it’s mine 😀

Anyways, I was already late and couldn’t open it in a hurry at home so I took the bag with me to work to unbox! I just couldn’t leave it there for my sister to mess with it! Here’s what I’ve found 😀

It’s a BAAAAAG 😀 yeepeeee 😉

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20 thoughts on “Unboxing Aigner @Work

  1. Is it because you called her to complain about your father few days ago ?

    • hhhmmm heah maybe 🙂 and maybe it’s my B-day gift and maybe she remembered I liked her Aigner bag last year 😉

  2. 3aalech bil3afia :*

    • allah y3afeeech we5allech li nshallah :*

      • looooool girls girls …. inshallah tkon lich la2na ouch etha not for u ;p
        and if its for u then i hope u enjoy holding or do what ever with it 😛

  3. It’s for me imac360, im sure of that hehe 🙂

    thnx dear 😀

  4. a7laaaaaa shy! ly yatich ilhadiya mn ilseb7 😀

    tg63eenha bl3afia ;**

  5. its a bag.

    meh :/

  6. mabrooook 3leech bel 3afya 🙂

  7. Aww 3alech bil 3afya ;*

    i love gifts ;p

  8. اكيد مالتج خخخ..

    جنه مكتوب اسمي عليها :p

    بالعافيه يارب وتتهنين فيها ..

    وحلاته كل يوم تستانسين وتصبحين بهدية اكبر واحلى يارب..

    وعليها اسمي :p

  9. Zabo0o6a

    Yaaay, bel3afya !

  10. oh that’s so pretty! 3alaich bel3afya ;p

    and your aunt must be super sweet! 😀

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