My Manhattan Footzyrolls

Ladies & Ladies and maybe gents 😛 you have to worship this piece of ART 😀 After me, my sister, Noon and Bumble Bee (who’s still hibernating) went out of one of the blogger’s wedding receptions at Hilton Resort (I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention who is she)! Well we were hardly walking from the high heels we were wearing! It was like the floor was eating our foots but I couldn’t handle it so I took off my shoes and walked barefoot to the parking lot 🙂 They couldn’t believe that I’ve done what I’ve done but I was really in pain and it felt good walking barefoot.

By then me and Noon decided that we have to buy the Footzyrolls from The Manhattan Website who were kind enough to contact me and let me know that their website is ready for shopping bags orders 🙂 Sorry Noon I had to buy it today, I don’t know, I just couldn’t wait 😛 and btw they delivered it on the same day! Thank you girls 🙂

Shit, I think I need to do my nails :/

They fit me just perfectly 🙂

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15 thoughts on “My Manhattan Footzyrolls

  1. Thank you “Crazy yet Wise” team for posting about The-Manhattan.Net & about FootzyRolls! They really are sole saviours, aren’t they? We are soooooo happy you like them! 🙂

  2. yal 5aynaaa !!!!!…
    felt good barefoot ha ?3abalech ga3da tamsheen 3al ba7aar?

  3. بالعافيه يارب..

    مريح ؟؟

    انا عندي مثل فكرته بس من لاند مارك مو مريح لانه خفيف ..


  4. LOL im happy u experienced the walking barefoot incident :p
    sometimes we need to do these things to appreciate how simple yet fun things can be :p

    anyways loving the color u picked 😉

  5. Zabo0o6a

    Is it comfy not like walking on asfalt floor barefoot?

    • well to tell u the truth i tried it at home 3ala kashina bs i already walked on asfalt floor barefoot and it was fine with me so i think this will do the magic 🙂

  6. Aww sweera i saw this today on their web site n had the thought to order it bs i was like chinah waaayd nitfa i donno if it will b good w more7 or not ;p

    bs shaklah it goes well for u , i think i will order it soon then ;D

  7. I want one too 🙂 lol

  8. That’s sooo interesting!

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