Dubai Outlet Mall

Yaa maammmiii!!!! This is the best Outlet I’ve ever been too 😀 I almost lost my mind with the shoes and shoes and shoes 😉 Perfumes, bags, clothes (didnt find that much my size) and other great stuff 😛 but most important thing were the SHOES!

It wasn’t that far, only 20 mintues from our hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road! The prices were GREAT and you can enjoy alot of brands and names 😀 here are sm pix of the mall and what I got from there 😉

From Outside

Lovely hair style 😉


Stella Mccartney bebeh 😉 It was around 760 DHMS (around 60 or 70 KD)

GINA, GINA, My Sweet Gina! Iliterary screamed when I got this piece of art 😀 it was the last one and around 1092 DHMS (almost 88 KD)

My aunt got this Cavalli shoes for 500 or 600 DHMS (50 KD i think)

I got this trouser only for 324 DHMS 🙂 can you believe it?! (around 25 KD)

Got so many perfumes for nothing! It was like buying smth for free 😀

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36 thoughts on “Dubai Outlet Mall

  1. نايس ماشاءالله..

    شوقتيني عليه بحطه باللسته خخ..

    مجهزه فلوسي وكل شي بس للحين مو قادره احجز لو ادري رزيت ويهي معاكم خخ تخيلي :p

    وبالعافيه يارب..

    • hahaha wallah lo yaya chan estanasna o kayafna 😀

      eeh ana re7t eb KD 550 o makafatni ya beelha alf o fog! ro7ay hal mall o deshay Priceless,The Outlet, Anixes 😀

  2. Zabo0o6a

    I’m lovin’ the gina heeels !
    btw whats ur size ?:P
    Malbous el3afya!

  3. mari7tla! 3alaich balf 3afyaa o 7imdila 3asalama:*

  4. 3awafiii , il gina shoes NAAAAAR :*

  5. mashallah 🙂
    et5al9eenhom bel3afya inshalla 🙂

  6. Made n Q8

    حده ناايس صج اوت لت مو احنا الي يسوونه بمشرف قاصين علينا

  7. *____* my dream world!

  8. Walla nice outlet! Now how did I miss that when I went to Dubai 😦 swera I want the full address

    • It was the first thing for me to search before going there 😉

      wala yhemmech once I get home I’ll email u 🙂

  9. cuffs&collars

    il 7amdillalh 3al salam saroon 🙂
    3alaich ib mallion 3afya .. ur killing me 7ady barooo7 al7een ityeeen 😛

  10. Loved the heals (^.^)

  11. ahh im in ❤ with shoes !!! i think i will lose my mind there ;p

  12. Sarah

    wanasa theres an outlet there. Where is it?

  13. 3jebeeen 😀

  14. S.N.T

    alllaaaaaaaah 😀 mshalla 3laich bl3afia ;p just was surfing ur previous posts o 9adafni halpost magdrt ma a3alq m3a ena elmwtho3 i NEED the address plz :$

    • lol 7assa feeech 😛

      shofay every hotel 3ndhom mowa9alat ebalash, shuttle bus service bs you can check their website for the exact address 😀

  15. tanya1234

    so do u think its worth visiting

  16. Daniella

    Hey Swera!Coffessholic I was 😉 (was forced to slow down lool)!Swera can you help me out? I have friends who just travelled there and I would like them to buy few things for me(clothes& accessories)at an affordable prce from DUBAI OUTLET MALL for me but since our tastes are different,I was wondering if its stores have websites from which I could have a look at the products they sell & chose what I want;like that it is easy!Thaanks a lot!

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