The Meat & Co Kuwait

Me and my sister wanted to go to Wagamama but my dad didn’t like the place and the menu! I was very disappointed coz I really wanted to try that place but then we went to The Meat & Co which is way better than Wagamama . . . to be honest they serve the best steak in Kuwait! I’ve tried Gaucho Grill a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious but this one is beyond amazingly delicious . . . I’m not exaggerating at all .. The meat was smooth and easy to chew and there was this unique taste in it which I can’t really describe 😛 I’ll leave you with the pics;


Complimentary bread with butter, a taste to remember 😛

Dad’s order, Hammour Fillet

Our well done steak (me n my sis same order)

yam yam

Berry-Berry souce

BBQ souce

Oh Africa 😉

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20 thoughts on “The Meat & Co Kuwait

  1. بالعافيه يارب..

    الصمونه تشوق ماشاءالله:)

  2. hmmmmm

  3. yo3anaaaaaaa 😦 i could eat the monitor right now

  4. Mahshallah, the steak looks very delicious!
    Bel3afya inshallah 🙂

  5. i wanted to bite the screen!
    that steak looks soooo juicy and yummy! 3laikm bl 3afya 😉

  6. 3alaikum bl 3afya..ubooch ismila 3alaih typical kuwaiti dad with the fish order hehe allah ykhali likum..wagamama is great bas mu mal ahal..kina inyanin umi feeh in london:P theres only one food dish (chicken katsu) ilbaji 3adi..Im dying 2 try meatco;/..gaucho mitradi shwaya..if u like steak, Terrace Grill alath steak thigta in kuwait, 3arafteeh ili yam KEI in meridian madri marriot hotel (sal7iya)

  7. OMG!! The steak!!

  8. meh…

  9. I’m not a steak person and I LOVED their steak 🙂

  10. Z: I wanted to bite the screen later on lol 😛 allah y3afeech:*

    Bodoir: la o 6alab weya 3esh bs ma9awarta, lazm 3esh wella y9eer fi shay lol 😛 yeah Ive tried it long time ago and i honestly cant remember whagt i ate there but it wasnt steak 😛

    P-chang: yeaaah delicious 😉

    q8othug: NOH 😛

    Her: you can’t resist it 😉

  11. Alf 3afya

    I crack up eachtime I read or stumble upon Wagamama
    It always reminds me of a joke that starts with “Yo Mama”

    random and silly.. I know but really it reminds me.

  12. Laura

    That looks deliciciouus

  13. I tried theirs, and I love the service btw have they played for you a drum something:D?

    • yeaaaaah they did, the first time i visited them and I was to jump from my seat and start dancing with them hehe 🙂

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