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Where’s The Humanity?!

I’ve just stumbled upon this video and i’ve noticed it dated 2 years back (where was i?!) and It shows a deputy being caught on camera surveillance  dumping a man out of his wheelchair on the floor!!!! This video really broke my heart 😦

I hate watching such thing specially to disabled people . . . Has humanity gone with the wind or what?! Has people gone out of feelings?! seriously . . . How can anybody do that to a guy who is helpless?! Don’t they have feelings? Are they incapable of feeling guilty?! It’s just awful 😦

I keep on thinking how did that guy feel at that exact moment when he fell on the ground?! What kind of humiliation he went through?!

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Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

I’ve always believed, a movie that has many actors will be a failure! coz the story will be lost somehow among them and you won’t be able to concentrate on the plot or be attracted to the theme itself!

I’ve heard reviews of Valentine’s Day from my sister’s friends (now i know i should never listen to their reviews)! I didn’t wanna watch it at all but i was bored and i had there among other movies! Unfortunately, the movie has no good in it at all! the story is boring, it makes you wanna fast- forward to get to the ending, it lacked the essence of passion and feelings! I couldn’t sense it was Valentine’s Day! and what kind of coincidences that happen on that day?! In just 1 day, a friend discovers that he’s in love with his long-term female friend, a girlfriend discovers her boyfriend is a lying cheating husband, and another girlfriend discovers that she doesn’t want to marry her 3 yrs boyfriend!!! and more and more stories are in that movie which makes it really dull!!

I fail to the see anything good in it . . . except the last 10 minutes of the movie, it was a little bit nice! Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel’s Indian dance was the only thing I liked in the movie! Oh, one more thing, when Jennifer Garner discover’s that Patrick Dempsey was married and living a double life and confronts him in the restaurant was somehow funny 🙂 That was it!

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