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It hurts . . . it really really literary hurts!!! I got sunburn after tanning or fooling myself that I was tanning actually! Me and the girls went to the beach and tried to have some fun and some tan, for me I wanted lots of TAN! because I’m very white and I needed to add a little bit of color to my skin . . . We spent almost 5 hrs under the sun putting tan oil over our bodies and deer blood *dam elghazal*!!! Everybody got a nice color except me *Casper the friendly ghost*! I thought i was getting nothing! So I added more and more tan oil and just layed there under the sun of Kuwait!!!

I went to the bathroom later on and I saw a fried tomato . . . really, I look like a fried tomato 😦 My nose, chest, and arms all are red and sunburned . . . My hands and back really hurt and I’m feeling this itchy burn/fire inside my body!!! I tried to put cream to cool my body but it keeps on burning and hurting more and more!!! What do I doooo?! I ain’t in the mood to go to a doctor, I want a quick solution, something I have at home and I can use!!! What Do I dooooo?!!

Poor guy, he looks like me 😛

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