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LOST Unanswered Questions

LOL this guy is hilarious 🙂 and yes many of the questions he mentioned popped into my head!!!

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Entertain Me

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Decent Coffee?!

I’m a coffee addict, I drink 3 cups of nescafe & 5-7 cups of Turkish coffee everyday! I’m not joking, I do drink alot of coffee and I thank my sweet mom for making me an addict coz i’m loving it 🙂 and obviously, I can function better at work when I drink that much *Ramadan* :/

Anyways, that’s not the subject! The thing is our office boy Ali makes a decent nescafe that I can manage drinking also the Turkish coffee is good (I’m the only one who’s perfect in making it) 😛 but unfortunately, Ali traveled back home and I’m left to deal with Ashraf’s lazy b*** (the other office boy) and his lack of perfection! I’m being lazyyyyyy and I blame the office boy’s nescafe for that! I can’t drink that coffee *blekh*! At GUST i used to go to the kitchen and make my coffee, also teach the other office boys how to do it if i was busy or smth but the kitchen in here is not like i can go and take control over the place, NO!!!! I’m only left with one option, order coffee from any cafe near by!!!! but then it will take sometime to arrive and I just can’t wait!

I guess i’m gonna have to deal with this nasty nescafe of Ashraf until Ali comes back . . . after 2 months 😦

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