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LOST is Ghost

As much as I wanted this day to come and see the answers to my driving-me-nuts questions, I admit I almost cried watching the Finale of LOST! I didn’t see that coming! Well nobody did, did you?! ah well maybe my imagination wasn’t as wild as you guys but I didn’t expect that ending at all! Many questions haven’t been answered and many questions came to my head like what’s the origin of that women who raised the twins and what happened to Alpert?! But I don’t wanna go there?! khalas i’m done questioning the show, I guess the whole point of it is to make its audience LOST! and have the real feeling of being lost coz I really am LOST! (Count how many times I said LOST :P)

Anyways, after 6 years of being lost, finally it came to an end and I’m full of mixed overwhelmed feelings that I really can’t explain! All I know is this show was part of many things in my life and I will make the best of it by passing it to my children and grand children (If I had ones) and tell them how great-bad was this show and how it made the whole world on edge by it’s unrealistic twists . . . I think it’s gonna be a legacy in y family.

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Gambling Night

Okay okay I know it’s forbidden haram bla bla bla but c’mon!!! We need a lil bit of change every now and then and something to put spices on our lives! Does it have to be playing cards over money?! Well, not necessarily but that what we thought about and it was fun! Beside it was only over KD 1/- , each had to put 250 fils on the floor hahaha 🙂 It was me, my cousin and my 2 aunts, ain’t that cool?!

We played HAND, the famous game and we had to complete 10 games straight! The winner gets the money and guess who was the winner?! MEEEEEHHHH aywaaaaa 🙂 My cousin was ahead of us winning and winning but then I took control and won! Man o man! it was full of shouting, laughing, yelling and blaming each other of cheating!!! Over KD 1/- can u believe it :P?! Ofcourse, it got me thinking that gambling over lots of money really causes big problems and sometimes murder! well, almost all the time!

My Moneyyyyyy

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I Love: Cecelia Ahern

My first experience with this young Irish novelist was back in February 2006, when I read her book “P.S. I Love You” after my mom died and it made me cope with her death! Her book was vivid, you can feel the characters full of life and feelings! It’s like they’re real people. After that, I read another book for her “If You Could See Me Now” which was about a single mother trying to raise her child alone but then she finds out that her son has an imaginary friend which she thought that her son was going through a mental problem! but suddenly she sees a  man thinking that he’s a normal one, but later she finds out that he’s the imaginary friend of her son and that they have a whole different world from humans. They go to people to help them through their problems and that he’s here for her son and her too.  I don’t want to spoil the book for you but try to read it, it’s amazing!

I’m planning to read next “The Book of Tomorrow” written  by her ofcourse, after i finish this awful book “Breaking Dawn”!

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