The Owl Collector

Good Morning Kuwait and the rest of the world 🙂 believe it or not?! I woke up this morning feeling really gooood, I think it’s Allah’s mercy that made me forget, well not literary forget what happened but just move on! Anyways, that’s not the topic!

Let me introduce you to one of my hobbies which is collecting Owls 😀 I’m serious, ever since I was a child my family used to call me (yal boma) *you owl* LOL! Why? Because I hate interacting with new people, I hate going out to new houses and meet new families, I hate going to weddings, I’m always against everything, bla bla bla and from that I became the *boma* (owl) of the family! At first when I was a teenager, i used to get upset and cry alot but ot anymore, whenever they call me that I start laughing, it kinda became my thing! I even started collecting owls he he 🙂

I bought an owl necklace, my aunt got me owl earrings 😛 and I got myself a pinky owl statue on my desk at work and I have 4 cute owls standing on my bookshelves, aren’t they cute?! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “The Owl Collector

  1. Moody Panties

    loool !! you are weird !

  2. اليوم شفت قلب عليها ب21 فور ايفر..

    وهم في مدونه اماراتيه تحبها خخ..

    بس عادي طبعج ماتسوى ينادونج بهالشي..

    البومه اللي اعرفه اللي تيب النحس :\

    وطبعا اعتقاد مو فرضيه..

    وبالعافيه عليج يارب..

    • bacher arooo7 ashtereha 😛 adre 6ab3i 3adi bs hathola ahali shasawi o meshat 3alay 🙂 bs ta3awdt!

      allah y3afeech :*

  3. مكودين ب فور ايفر 21 كل ما اروح اشوفهم

    واحجام بعد

  4. ambee ana i always wanted a real 1

  5. Looooooool ! no comment ;p

  6. Made n Q8


    اول واحد عاليمين شكله اقشر :d

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