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Weird & Creepy

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Oh No!!!!

Damn it! I can;t believe that I’m saying this but yes I’m going to watch The Vampire Diaries starting tonight :/ I’ve been against this show for quiet a while for some reasons I can’t decide what they are! and I resisted the angelic-evil face of Ian Somerhalder but I can’t hold myself anymore! I’ve just discovered that David Anders has joined the cast (I know it’s old story) and how can anyone resist these two faces in one show 😛

I’m gonna watch it for many reasons;

1. as i mentioned Ian Somerhalder & Dave Anders are the main reason.

2. it’s the boring season now where all shows end coz of summer.

3. i thought the story was boring but after watching tonight’s episode on MBC Action, i’m thinking there’s gonna be a twist in the show. let’s wait and see what will happen 😉

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Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter

ppppfff now that was one of the most boring movies i’ve ever seen til date!!! I just couldn’t wait for it to end … what a disappointment from such actors!!! are they really desperate to do movies for the sake of just doing them or what exactly?!!! The plot was expected as always, this is what you get in romantic-comedy movies, the storyline was really slow and boring, the conversation was cheesy ppprrrr, I can’t even find the right word for it! and where’s the part that include romantic-comedy?! I felt neither passion nor romance between Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston! and it wasn’t funny at all, I admit I laughed once or twice but that was it! It’s a COMEDY, you’re supposed to be laughing all the time while watching the movie!!!!!

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Daity Ice-Cream

Yummmyyyy!!! This Ice-Cream is delicious . . . You don’t get the feeling it’s for diet because it doesn’t taste so! Even my dad is eating from it! He loved it! I ate 3 already and still the taste in ever one I chose never fails me 🙂

One thing that really pissed me off is that they only have 1 mobile number for delivery and you keep calling for ages but it’s always busy :/ I’ve tried calling them for more than one hr til I got the line and I complained to the guy once he answered because I was really pissed off! But he didn’t have anything to say! I guess it’s not his problem!

Anyways call them on 60605100, they have an offer right now! 1 box for KD 2.750 only and the box has 23 or 24 pieces if I’m not mistaken 🙂


With Melon

The whole box

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