Jensen Ackles Ties The Knot!

Yaaaaaa lahweeeee . . . 9awaaaateeeee yammaaaaaaah LOL

Jensen Ackles tied the knot last night or this morning (timing confusion) to his long time girlfriend Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill) *sniff*! I;ve always had hope that he will leave her one day and that he will turn his head and see my shining smiley face there waiting for him and that he will commit to me but damn that guy is literary charmed by that Danneel which I really can’t remember her face in the show coz I stopped watching it when it started getting cheesy!!!

Anyways, just wanted to break the news for u all to share my grief! One hottie is Gone Baby Gone!

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4 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles Ties The Knot!

  1. Zaina

    he is gorgeous . . .
    when he smiles….. ahhhhh
    The only reason I watch supernatural is HIM.
    mawa6en Daneel!!! she’s rachel in OTH.. min her personality ib the show, karaht’ha! wayyy it7ir! ehya oo her smirk!!!!!! shakelha the same in real life…. arghhhh… the good ones are gone 😦

    • eeh eeeh ebn ellathena 3aleh smile!!! a7es be6ee7 eb ‘3yboba LOL 😛

      ya 7asra 3aleh! ee wallah kel el good ones r gone with the wind 😦 ma3aleh kherha eb gherha 😀

  2. LOL!! But they look cute together 😛
    Allah yehanneehom 🙂

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