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Show Tim Kring The Love

I know this is my 4th post regarding HEROES but this one is dedicated to the one and only Tim Kring 🙂 You made us really happy & full of joy by creating such a marvelous tv show! We know that NBC interfered and played with the plot and storyline which was a nightmare to you but you managed to bring the best out of the actors & the characters of the show! You’re the best man and you’re better off without that stupid network called NBC!!!! A better network will find its way to you where you can manage to show your talent without any @SS***** interfering in your project! I’m boycotting the network’s shows and won’t watch anything related to it just for the sake of the show, the actors and specially you 🙂


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Jensen Ackles Ties The Knot!

Yaaaaaa lahweeeee . . . 9awaaaateeeee yammaaaaaaah LOL

Jensen Ackles tied the knot last night or this morning (timing confusion) to his long time girlfriend Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill) *sniff*! I;ve always had hope that he will leave her one day and that he will turn his head and see my shining smiley face there waiting for him and that he will commit to me but damn that guy is literary charmed by that Danneel which I really can’t remember her face in the show coz I stopped watching it when it started getting cheesy!!!

Anyways, just wanted to break the news for u all to share my grief! One hottie is Gone Baby Gone!

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Waiting Is A B****!!!!

Pff!!!! I hate waiting for something and not knowing will it happen or not! It’s very difficult for me to wait. If I want something I have to have it like right NOW!!! But waiting until Thursday or next Sunday is just too much . . . How can I wait for that long and be on the edge, nervous and worried for 4 – 6 days?!!! I honestly can’t comprehend anything right now and I can’t focus! Til then, I doubt I will be in a perfect mental state, so beware of my next posts buwhahahaha 😀

This is how you will find me after one week!

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Officially Cancelled!

NBC has announced yesterday that HEROES won’t be coming back at all, not even for a 2-4 hrs wrap up episode 😦

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